Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Journal 2016 Papers





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66/1 1 Editorial Lewis, S. Editorial1.pdf


66/1 2-11 The frequency of major flooding in coastal southeast Australia has significantly increased since the late 19th century Power, S. and Callaghan, J Power.pdf


66/1 12-18 First results from the generation and assimilation of 10-minute atmospheric motion vectors in the Australian region Le Marshall, J., Xiao, Y., Howard, D., Tingwell, C., Freeman, J., Gregory, P., Le, T., Margetic, D., Morrow, T., Daniels, J., Jung, J., Bresky, W., Bailey, A. and Wanzong, S. Le_Marshall.pdf


66/1 19-31 A quality control procedure for Fengyun-3A microwave temperature sounder with emphasis on a new cloud detection algorithm Wang, X., Ren, Y. and Li, G. Wang.pdf


66/1 32-54 Evaluation of the performance of CORDEX regional climate models in simulating present climate conditions of Tanzania Luhunga, P., Botai, J. and Kahimba, F. Luhunga.pdf


66/1 55-67 Evaluation of the AWAP daily precipitation spatial analysis with an independent gauge network in the Snowy Mountains Chubb, T., Manton, M., Siems, S. and Peace, A. Chubb.pdf


66/1 68-89 Seasonal climate summary southern hemisphere (winter 2015): Mild winter over most of Australia as El Nino strengthens Chandler, E. Seasonal1.pdf


66/1 90-93 Quarterly numerical weather prediction model performance summary-October to December 2015 Wu, X. NWP1.pdf


66/2 95-96 Editorial Scorgie, Y. and Riley, M. editorsnoteJul2016.pdf


66/2 97-107 Identifying East Coast Lows with climate hazards on the eastern seaboard Pepler, A.S., Imielska, A., Coutts-Smith, A., Gamble, F. and Schweitzer, M. pepler.pdf


66/2 108-124 Evaluating the representation of Australian East Coast Lows in a regional climate model ensemble Di Luca, A., Evans, J.P., Pepler, A.S., Alexander, L.V. and Argueso, D. diluca.pdf


66/2 125-151 Large-scale drivers of Australian east coast cyclones since 1851 Browning, S.A. and Goodwin, I.D. browning.pdf


66/2 152-161 East Coast Lows and the Pasha Bulker storm - lessons learned nine years on Vernon-Kidd, D.C., Kiem, A.S. and Willgoose, G.R. vernonkidd.pdf


66/2 162-176 Links between East Coast Lows and the spatial and temporal variability of rainfall along the eastern seaboard of Australia Kiem, A.S., Twomey, C., Lockart, N., Willgoose, G., Kuczera, G., Kamal Chowdhury, A.F.M., Parana Manage, N. and Zhang, L. kiem.pdf


66/2 177-202 Case study on the use of dynamically downscaled climate model data for assessing water security in the Lower Hunter region of the eastern seaboard of Australia Lockart, N., Willgoose, G., Kuczera, G., Kiem, A.S., Kamal Chowdhury, A.F.M., Parana Manage, N., Zhang, L. and Twomey, C. lockart.pdf


66/2 203-227 Statistical testing of dynamically downscaled rainfall data for the Upper Hunter region, New South Wales, Australia Parana Manage, N., Lockart, N., Willgoose, G., Kuczera, G., Kiem, A.S., Kamal Chowdhury, A.F.M., Zhang, L. and Twomey, C. paranamanage.pdf


66/3 228-261 Seasonal climate summary southern hemisphere (spring 2015): El Nino nears its peak Martin, D.J. Martin_RIS.ris


66/3 262-269 A seasonal climatology of the Melbourne 1965-1975 ozonesonde record Lehmann, P. Lehmann_RIS.ris


66/3 270-280 Australia's Air Temperature Trend Reviewed Ayers, G.P. Ayers_RIS.ris


66/3 281-313 A bias corrected WRF mesoscale fire weather dataset for Victoria, Australia 1972-2012 Brown, T. Mills, G. Harris, S. Podnar, D. Reinbold, H. and Fearon, M. Brown_RIS.ris


66/3 314-341 Effects of heat extremes on wheat yields in Australia Hague, B. Braganza, K. and Jones, D. Hague_RIS.ris


66/3 342-360 Large seasonal and diurnal anthropogenic heat flux across four Australian cities Chapman, S. Watson, J.E.M. and McAlpine, C.A. Chapman_RIS.ris


66/4 361-379 Seasonal climate summary southern hemisphere (summer 2015-16): strong El Nino peaks and begins to weaken Pepler, A. Seasonal2.ris


66/4 380-401 A vertical wind structure that leads to extreme rainfall and major flooding in southeast Australia Callaghan, J. and Power, S. Callaghan.ris


66/4 402-423 Extreme monthly rainfall over Australia in a changing climate Watterson, I., Chua, Z-W. and Hope, P. Watterson.ris


66/4 424-441 Coherent Potential Vorticity Maxima and Their Relationship to Extreme Summer Rainfall in the Australian and North African Tropics Hoang, L., Reeder, M. Berry, G. and Schwendike, J. Hoang.ris


66/4 442-456 Evaluation of TRMM Multi-satellite Precipitation Analysis during the passage of Tropical Cyclones over Fiji Deo, A. and Walsh, K. Deo.ris


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