Journal of Southern Hemisphere Earth Systems Science 2017 Papers





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68/1 1 Editorial Lewis, S. Lewis.pdf


67/1 2-11 Lower Tropospheric Temperatures 1978-2016: The Role Played By Anthropogenic Global Warming Ayers, G.P. Ayers.ris


67/1 12-24 Himawari-8 Atmospheric Motion Vectors - Operational Generation and Assimilation Le Marshall, J., Howard, D., Xiao, Y., Daniels, J., Wanzong, S., Jung , J., Bresky, W., Bailey, A., Tingwell, C., Le , T. and Margetic, D. LeMarshall.ris


67/1 25-45 The non-linear impact of El Nino, La Nina and the Southern Oscillation on seasonal and regional Australian precipitation Chung, C. and Power, S. Chung.ris


67/1 46-63 Latitudinal variations in the accuracy of model-generated forecasts of precipitation over Australia and south-east Asia Dare, R.A. and Ebert, E.E. Dare.ris


67/2 64-78 Tracking the El Nino-Southern Oscillation in real-time: a staged communication approach to event onset Gamble, F., Beard, G., Watkins, A., Jones, D., Ganter, C., Webb, V. and Evans, A. Not available


67/2 79-106 Meteorological drivers of extreme fire behaviour during the Waroona bushfire, Western Australia, January 2016 Peace, M., McCaw, L., Santos, B., Kepert, J., Burrows, N. and Fawcett, R. Not available


67/2 107-131 Annual climate summary Australia (2016): strong El NiƱo gives way to strong negative IOD. Tobin, S., Reid, P. and Miles, E. Not available


67/3 132-159 ACCESS-S1 The new Bureau of Meteorology multi-week to seasonal prediction system Hudson, D., Alves, O., Hendon, H.H., Lim, E-P., Liu, G., Luo, J-J., MacLachlan, C., Marshall, A.G., Shi, L., Wang, G., Wedd, R., Young, G., Zhao, M. and Zhou, X. Not available


67/3 160-180 The distribution of daily rainfall in Australia and simulated future changes Watterson, I.G. and Rafter, T. Not available


67/3 181-213 Analysis of within and between-GCM uncertainties of runoff projections in Mediterranean-like catchments Barria, P., Peel, M.C., Walsh, K.J.E. and Garreaud, R. Not available