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About the New Marine Website

Aims and enhancements

The Bureau's new Marine Weather website aims to make it easier to link to the service or information you need. It introduces a Marine services navigation menu which will allow you to change between pages with fewer clicks. The website also introduces enhanced Marine wind forecast maps which are produced from computer models, as well as additional marine weather and services information.

Marine weather home page

The main area of the Marine Weather home page includes Warnings, Forecasts and Observations links for each state or territory. Below, preview images of the Forecast wind map and the Latest satellite image link to the larger views. Service Changes, News, and Links are listed in the adjacent right column. These also include links to other Bureau services including Marine radio, phone and fax.

Scaled image of new marine Services Home page

Marine weather services links

The navigation menu on the left side of Marine pages will enable you to link to Marine weather and related services. All the service links from the old Marine site, as well as some additional links, can now be accessed using this side menu. Reviewing the menu may assist your transition to the new site.

State and territory links on the home page provide a convenient overview. These links are also available from the full listings in the Marine Warnings, Forecasts, and Latest Weather observations pages.

About Marine weather, services and safety information

Marine safety relies on having current weather information, understanding it properly, and knowing how it will affect your location. Marine weather service and safety information is linked from the top of Marine pages.


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Sailboats on Port Phillip Bay, photograph by Rob Morton.

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