Marine Weather Safety

Weather is one of the greatest boating hazards. Having current weather information, understanding it properly, and knowing how it will affect where you are boating is essential.

Before going boating read:

  • About marine weather services to check what weather information is available and ways you can access it before you go boating and while at sea.

Check your local maritime authority and also the Safe boating website for boating safety information.

Safety Hints

  • Know the local factors that influence sea conditions and know where to reach shelter quickly.
  • Learn how to read the weather map.
  • Be aware that the weather map in the morning newspaper was most likely prepared the day before.
  • Always check the latest forecast and warnings before going to sea and know what conditions exceed your safety limits.
  • Beware of rapidly darkening and lowering cloud - squalls may be imminent.
  • When at sea, listen to the weather reports on public or marine radio provided by the Bureau, your State/Territory marine safety agency or Volunteer Coast Radio Stations.
  • Be flexible - change your plans if necessary.

Safe Boating website

Australian marine safety agencies