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High Seas Forecast for Southern METAREA 10
SOUTHERN AREA: 50S80E TO 50S160E TO 65S160E TO 65S80E

Issued by the Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology
For 24 hours commencing 1100 UTC 3 August 2020

Please be aware
Wind and wave forecasts are averages. Wind gusts can be 40 per cent stronger
than the forecast, and stronger still in squalls and thunderstorms. Maximum
waves can be twice the forecast height.

Part 1 Warnings
Refer to latest warnings for details of the area affected.

Warnings only issued north of ice edge, approximately 60S080E 60S085E 61S090E
60S098E 64S130E 62S160E.

Melbourne Gale Warning 3.
Melbourne Gale Warning 4.
Melbourne Gale Warning 6.

Part 2 Situation at 0600 UTC
Refer to latest warnings for boundary of affected area and type of weather

Cold front [1] 50S148E 52S154E to low [1] 999hPa near 54S156E. East of area by

Cold front [2] 31S084E 39S097E 50S104E 57S105E 59S099E to low [2] 966hPa near
58S093E. Forecast 42S101E 50S119E 58S138E 63S144E 65S133E to low 960hPa near
64S118E at 041200UTC.

Cold front [3] approaching area to be near 48S071E 54S079E 61S079E to low
949hPa near 62S070E at 040600UTC. Forecast 49S079E 55S087E 61S085E to low
961hPa near 2S078E at 041200UTC.

Part 3 Forecast
Refer to latest warnings.

Outside warning areas:
Westerly quarter winds shifting northwest quarter winds within 420nm east of
all cold fronts. Winds turning clockwise within 120nm of low [1], within 660nm
of low [2] and within 420nm of low [3]. Wind speeds 20/33 knots. Moderate to
rough seas. Moderate to heavy swell. Swell reaching up to 9m west of cold front

Rain areas, scattered showers and isolated thunderstorms within 300nm of fronts
and 420nm of lows. Isolated showers elsewhere. Visibility reducing below 2nm in


The next routine forecast will be issued at 09:00 UTC Tuesday.