Other Sources of VHF Marine Radio Weather broadcasts

VHF broadcast providers

The marine transport and safety agencies of the State and Northern Territory governments are responsible for the dissemination of maritime safety information, including weather information, for small craft (under 300 tonnes) on VHF radio.
This page lists some additional VHF broadcast and information sources.

New South Wales

In the Newcastle, Sydney and Port Kembla areas weather information is scheduled for broadcast on VHF Channel 67.
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Weather information is broadcast for vessels in and around Port Phillip and Western Port Bays on VHF Channel 67.
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Weather forecasts are announced on channel 16 and broadcast on channel 67 by volunteers. During operating hours, Volunteer Rescue stations provide regular weather information for all craft within VHF range.
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Forecasts are not provided 24 hours a day.
Contact details of volunteer marine rescue and coast guard groups:

The Bureau of Meteorology also provides a limited VHF weather service in Qld.

Western Australia

Weather and navigation warning broadcasts covering Perth metropolitan waters within 20 nautical miles are provided on VHF Channels 16 and 67 by the WA Water Police. Volunteer Sea Rescue Groups are based in most coastal population centres and operate within normal recreational boating hours.
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The Bureau of Meteorology also provides a limited VHF weather service in WA.

South Australia

Marine radio in South Australia:

Weather information is also available through Volunteer Coast Radio Stations.


Volunteer stations broadcast weather forecasts and warnings on 27 MHz, VHF and HF radio.

Tasmania has an extensive VHF radio repeater network that is also used by volunteer radio stations to provide weather services.
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Northern Territory

Coast Radio Darwin broadcasts weather information over VHF channel 67. This consists of the forecast for Darwin Harbour and surrounding areas plus the Coastal Waters Forecast for Daly River Mouth to Cape Don.
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