CAP-AU-STD : the Specification, its Validation and Implementation


Specification of the Australian Profile of CAP [ Common Alerting Protocol].
This webpage provides pointers to the CAP-AU v1.0 Specification documents (the 4 documents below),and related Errata; and CAP-AU implementaton-related information, such as Validation, and other resources. It will soon also provide hints on best-practice implementation, and examples.

CAP-AU v1.0 Specification : access

         (1)  FrontCover of the CAP-AU-STD main doc   (2)  FrontCover of CAP-AU Attachment A   (3)  FrontCover of CAP-AU Attachment B   (4)  FrontCover of CAP-AU Attachment C 
  1. " CAP-AU-STD, version 3.0 : Australian Government Standard for the Common Alerting Protocol (CAP-AU-STD)"
    v.3.0 (2013-09-05) ISSN: 1839-1621 ISBN: 978-1-921725-71-5
    This is the 'main document' of the CAP-AU v1.0 Suite of 4 documents
  2. " Attachment A to CAP-AU-STD : Emergency Data Exchange Language (EDXL) Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) v 1.2 Australia (AU) Profile (EDXL-CAP1.2-AU-v1.0-CS02)"
    v.CSO2 (2013-09-05)
    This document should be read in conjunction with the CAP v1.2 specification.
    Content/rules in CAP-AU v1.0 suite of 4 documents override those in CAP v1.2; however, where CAP-AU is the same as CAP, the relevant rules are in the CAP v1.2 Specification document.
  3. " Attachment B to CAP-AU-STD : Australian All-Hazards EVENT CODE LIST (AUeventLIST)"
    v.2.0 (2012-05-24)
  4. " Attachment C to CAP-AU-STD : XML Schema Definition for CAP-AU (XSD CAP-AU)"
    v.3.1 (2014-01-10)
  5. Schema (v1.1*) (for CAP-AU v3.0) as xsd/xml files
The following link is for the metadata record for CAP-AU v1.0. (This provides an additional way to download the CAP-AU-STD v3.0 document and the 3 related Attachments: (Click the "Get Data" link, to jump to the urls for the documents, as well as to the XSDs).

Errata: CAP-AU v1.0 was published in 2013/2014; and the CAP-AU Specification documents now contain some out-of-date information (such as contact details), and some small errors / inconsistencies across the documents. An "Errata" document here, aims to indicate content in the CAP-AU v1.0 suite of documents which would ideally be corrected (in a new version of the documents), or further clarified. This will be interatively populated, as more detail is found.

How does CAP-AU relate to CAP?

The Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) is an international standard for the construction of emergency alert and warning messages, which facilitates reliable information exchange between various systems and networks.
CAP-AU-STD is a 'Profile' of CAP.
The CAP-AU-STD Profile of CAP was principally developed to incorporate local event-related terminology, and area-references, relevant to the Australian community.
For more information about the CAP-AU-STD Profile and its governance, refer to CAP-AU Profile (CAP-AU-STD): About

Feedback / Queries about CAP-AU-STD

Inquiries regarding the content of the CAP-AU-STD, and future revision activities, can be addressed to the Australian Government Custodian (CAP-AU Custodian) for the CAP-AU-STD at
The Feedback form is here

CAP-AU Validation

The Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) is an international standard for the construction of emergency alert and warning messages, which facilitates
The Google CAP validator currently has a validation service for various CAP Profiles, including the CAP-AU-STD Profile.
The Google Validator is useful for checking the structure of a CAP-AU message. Please note, though, that it should be used with caution, since error and recommendation messages are sometimes given incorrectly. A list of issues found, that need to be considered, when using the Google Validator, will be posted here (requires an FTP client to view), as they are identified. For queries about this, please contact
Url(s) for the XSD / schema versions:
Schema/XSD v1.1* (also known as v3.1) is currently available. The schema can be used for XML message structure validation for CAP-AU-STD. Urls for newer versions of the schema will always be in the CAP-AU v3.0 Metadata record at
Note that the url for schema v1.1 :
[ ] has been changed to
[ ] and it is also available from [ (requires an FTP client to view) ].
The metadata record will always indicate the correct schema url(s); and, in the future, its' change notes will indicate what the previous schema urls were.
( *This schema/XSD refers to itself (in the header) as "v.3.1" )
CAP-AU Schematron / conditional rules:
There is not currently a tool to check for the correct application of conditional CAP-AU-STD rules. However, these rules are summarised in the CAP-AU-STD Specification document, and in "Attachment A to CAP-AU-STD" listed above.
CAP-AU Guidance documents:
In addition to the Guidance in CAP-AU Attachments A and B, additional material will be made available. The index of, and urls for released Guidance material (some of it in "DRAFT" form) is available from here

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