New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory Forecast

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Forecast issued at 4:37 pm EST on Thursday 27 July 2017.

Weather Situation

A high pressure system lies over inland southeastern Australia while a series of cold fronts are cross the south of the state. The first front will move through southern New South Wales tonight and tomorrow morning, while a second stronger front is expected to cross the state early next week. A low pressure system is forecast to developing over southwestern Tasman Sea on Monday as the second front moves offshore.

Forecast for the rest of Thursday

Showers and the chance of a thunderstorm over the southern inland. Mostly clear in the north and east. Northeast to northwesterly winds, tending southeasterly along the north coast..

Friday 28 July

The chance of a morning shower or thunderstorm across the south, with rain most likely about the western slopes of the southern ranges. Snow falling above 1100 metres. Mostly sunny in the north. Areas of morning frost on the northwest slopes and ranges. Daytime temperatures above average, particularly over the northern inland. Southwest to northwesterly winds, fresh over the ranges and southern coast.

Saturday 29 July

Mostly sunny, apart from the slight chance of late shower over the far southern inland. Areas of morning frost on the slopes and ranges. Daytime temperatures well above average, particularly in the west. North to northwesterly winds, strong and gusty in the far west.

Sunday 30 July

Partly cloudy, with the chance of a shower over the southern inland. Daytime well above average, particularly in northern and central parts. West to northwesterly winds, fresh over the ranges.

Monday 31 July

Showers through southern, central and western districts, with rain most likely in the southeast. Dry and mostly in the northeast. Average daytime temperatures, tending well above average in the northeast. Southerly winds tending northerly in the northeast.

The next routine forecast will be issued at 4:30 am EST Friday.

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