New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory Forecast

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Forecast issued at 4:30 am EDT on Friday 1 December 2023.

Weather Situation

A low-pressure system lies off the southern New South Wales coast and is providing forcing for showers and strong winds over the far southeast of the state. The low is expected to continue to move slowly to the southeast today with conditions continuing to ease. An upper trough will cross Queensland today resulting in some shower and possible thunderstorm activity dipping into northern New South Wales today and Saturday, and a second trough is expected to affect southeastern parts of the state over the weekend with showers and isolated thunderstorms associated. A high pressure ridge is expected to develop over the state early in the new week with a stabilising and warming influence.

Forecast for the rest of Friday

Scattered showers and the chance of a thunderstorm about the north and in the southeast. Isolated showers across the central parts. Dry and partly cloudy in the southwest. Daytime temperatures above average along the north coast but well below average elsewhere, particularly for the northern inland. West to southwesterly winds over most of the state tending fresh southerly along the southern coast and northeasterly on the north coast.

Saturday 2 December

Scattered showers in the southeast with isolated thunderstorms, possibly severe. Isolated showers and possible thunderstorms through the remainder of the east. Mostly dry and partly cloudy for the western half. Daytime temperatures below average across the south but mostly near average in the north. Northwest to southwesterly winds tending northeast to southeasterly along the coast.

Sunday 3 December

Scattered showers about the southeast. Isolated showers and possible thunderstorms in the northeast. Mostly dry west of the ranges. Temperatures below average in the south, particularly the southeast, and a little above average in the north. Southwest winds inland turning southeasterly near the coast.

Monday 4 December

Isolated showers along the coast and adjacent ranges, contracting north during the day. Possible thunderstorm about the north coast and ranges. Temperature near average across the state but a little below along the northern coast and ranges. Southeast winds near the coast, tending northeasterly in the south. Generally light winds inland.

The next routine forecast will be issued at 4:30 pm EDT Friday.

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