New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory Forecast

No warnings for New South Wales

Forecast issued at 4:30 pm EST on Friday 29 May 2015.

Weather Situation

A cold front over the southern Tasman Sea and southeast NSW is weakening as it approaches a high pressure system centred near New Zealand. A patchy rain-band over northern NSW is likely to become more widespread again over the weekend and remain over the north of the state with some further light to moderate rain anticipated. Another front, current over waters well south of the Bight will reach Tasmania Saturday then weaken. A third, stronger cold front is expected to move northeast from the Southern Ocean during Sunday, crossing NSW Sunday night and Monday with showers and snow to quite low levels expected in the southeast and significantly colder conditions to follow. A high pressure system is likely to develop over NSW early in the new week, favouring widespread morning frost, and a low is expected to move over the Tasman Sea towards New Zealand.

Forecast for the rest of Friday

Medium chance of some rain across the north, and the medium chance of showers on the south coast this evening. West to northwest winds, ahead of a weak south to southwesterly change through the west and south.

Saturday 30 May

High chance of some rain across the north. Chance of a little drizzle on the western slopes of the far southern ranges, and the chance of an early shower on the south coast. Fine and partly cloudy elsewhere. Early frost about the southern ranges. Morning fog patches about the northeast third or so of the state, more widespread on the central ranges and adjacent western slopes and plains. Chiefly west to southwesterly winds, locally fresh in the southeast.

Sunday 31 May

High chance of some rain across the north. High chance of showers about the western slopes of the southern ranges and the slight chance over the remainder of the southern inland. Showers increasing and becoming more general about the southeast in the evening with snow on the ranges decreasing to the 1300 metre level. Fine and partly cloudy elsewhere. West to northwest winds freshening in the south before a late southwest change in the far south.

Monday 1 June

High chance of showers about the southeast with local small hail and thunder possible and snow to about the 700 metre level on the southern ranges. Medium chance of showers about the central ranges with snow to about 1100 metres, slight chance of a shower about most remaining eastern districts. Dry in the west. Cold southwest to southerly winds extending throughout, fresh to strong in the east.

Tuesday 2 June

Mostly sunny apart from the chance of a shower or two about exposed parts of the coast. Cold early with widespread frost, more severe about the ranges, then a cold day. Southwest to southerly winds, fresh along the coast.

The next routine forecast will be issued at 4:30 am EST Saturday.

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