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Forecast issued at 4:30 am EDT on Saturday 31 January 2015.

Weather Situation

A low centred to the east of Bass Strait is the dominant weather system in the region, directing a generally southerly airstream over New South Wales. This low will remain slow-moving today as a high passes to its south. Later tonight and on Sunday the low is expected to weaken and move away to the east, with a new high south of the Bight building a ridge along the New South Wales coast. As the coastal ridge strengthens at the start of the new week, a trough is forecast to deepen over the inland.

Forecast for the rest of Saturday

Slight chance of showers near the coast in the northeast, extending to the eastern parts of the Northern Tablelands in the afternoon. The chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon in northern coastal districts. Slight chance of showers in the southeast in the afternoon. Fine and mostly sunny elsewhere. Northerly winds in the far northeast. Southeast to southwesterly winds elsewhere, fresh on the southern coast. Dangerous surf conditions along the coast, abating in the north during the morning.

Sunday 1 February

The chance of showers on and east of the ranges, more likely along the coastal fringe. Fine and mostly sunny elsewhere. West to southwesterly winds tending southeasterly near the coast.

Monday 2 February

Showers along the coast, becoming more frequent in the north, possibly extending to parts of the central and northern inland during the day. The chance of thunderstorms about the central ranges and northeast. Fine in the west. South to southeasterly winds.

Tuesday 3 February

Showers on the northern coast, possibly extending to the northern inland during the afternoon. The chance of showers about the southern and central coasts. Fine elsewhere. South to southeasterly winds.

The next routine forecast will be issued at 4:30 pm EDT Saturday.

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