Summary of Significant Severe Thunderstorm Events in NSW - 2000/2001

27 February 2001
Wagga Wagga

A short lived but intense thunderstorm struck Wagga Wagga on the South West Slopes causing considerable wind damage and flash flooding. Hailstones up to 4 cm were also reported.

17 January 2001
Giant hail devastates Casino

The northeast of NSW was hit by a severe thunderstorm with the worst affected place the town of Casino. Hailstones up to 7cm and heavy rain caused local flash flooding. Up to 59mm recorded was recorded including 31mm in 10 minutes. Several reports of a funnel cloud. Wind gusts exceeding 110 km/h brought significant damage to 800 homes and 300 motor vehicles. Winds brought down power lines, cutting power to the entire town. Over 30,000 houses and business lost power in the region. The total damage bill was $35 million.

6 January 2001
Widespread damage in Dubbo

Large parts of Dubbo (Central Western Slopes) were affected by a very severe thunderstorm in the late afternoon. Wind damage was extensive as well as damage from large hailstones and flash flooding. Up to 50mm of rain and hail was recorded in about half an hour and wind gusts to 130 km/h uprooted hundreds of trees. About 400 buildings and 150 motor vehicles were damaged. Locals described the storm as 'worst in living memory'. Dubbo was declared a natural disaster area with a total damage bill over $25 million.

3 November 2000
Western Sydney

A large thunderstorm moved over Western Sydney producing hailstones the size of tennis balls and 3 separate tornado tracks. This supercell thunderstorm was well captured by advanced radar system on trial at the time as part of a World Meteorological Organisation sponsored Forecast Demonstration Project.

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