Climate of Alice Springs


Alice Springs climate is one of extremes. It can be said that an observer will report almost every present weather on the card in a set of seasons. It even snowed on four occasions last century and on Ayers rock in 1997. Not only does Alice Springs have hot summers and cold winters but the diurnal range in temperature can be up to 28°C. Rainfall can vary dramatically from year to year. For example, in 2001 Alice had 741mm but in 2002 we had 198mm. The annual average is 286mm per year. 

Thermal at Alice Springs

Summer:- Daytime maximums are generally in the high 30’s but never above 45°C. Our dry air and cool nights help to make these temperatures very tolerable. If and when it does become humid, thunderstorms occur and can drop the temperature 15°C to 20°C in 10 minutes providing welcome relief. Monsoon rains occur periodically.

Autumn:- Possibly the best time of year with warm days and cool nights and not much variation.

Winter:- Night time temperatures can fall below zero degrees celsius and sometimes thick frost in the morning can look like a carpet of snow. These mornings are usually followed by very pleasant afternoon temperatures in the low twenties. When it rains in winter, daytime maximums can be as low as 08°C to 10°C with stratus cloud covering the ranges.

Virga at Alice Springs

virga Spring:- This can be said to be the most exiting season of the year with big changes in temperature from day to day, thunderstorms, hail and dust storms. It is also the wild flower season, usually peaking in September and early October.

Halo at Alice Springs