Flood Watch in Northern Territory

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Flood Watch?

A Flood Watch is an early advice of potential flooding prior to the onset of a significant rainfall event.

What areas are covered by a Flood Watch in the Northern Territory?

The Northern Territory will be covered by two Flood Watches, each covering a set of areas:

  • Northern Coastal Rivers Flood Watch comprises Bonaparte, North West, Arnhem and Carpentaria areas.
  • Inland Rivers Flood Watch comprises Western, Central and Eastern areas.

When is a Flood Watch issued for the Northern Territory?

A Flood Watch is issued up to four days before the onset of forecast rainfall that will lead to a significant risk of flooding anywhere in the Northern Territory.

The Northern Coastal or Inland Rivers Flood Watch will be issued either on its own or at the same time depending on which areas are at risk of flooding.

What information is in a Flood Watch?

A Flood Watch includes a summary of the forecast weather and identifies catchments where there is a risk of flooding.

What’s the difference between a Flood Watch and a Flood Threat Advice?

Flood Watch replaces Flood Threat Advice, and provides greater emphasis on the flood details and potential impacts on the community.

More Information

Download the Northern Territory Flood Watch FAQ Brochure

More information about the Bureau’s flood warning service can be found at: www.bom.gov.au/water/floods/floodWarningServices.shtml

Or by emailing macmnt@bom.gov.au