Darwin and Rural Forecasts

Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology
Northern Territory

Darwin and Rural Forecast
Issued at 4:40 pm CST on Tuesday 2 September 2014

Warning Summary
For the latest warnings for the Northern Territory, please check the Bureau's
web site at www.bom.gov.au/nt/warnings/. 

Forecast for Tuesday Evening
Clear. Light winds.

Precis:       Clear.                                 

Forecast for Wednesday
Shallow patches of fog in the early morning, clearing to a sunny day. Light to
moderate easterly winds before an afternoon sea breeze.

Precis:       Sunny.                        
Darwin:       Min 18    Max 33
Rural:        Min 11    Max 36
UV Alert     9:20 am to 4:10 pm, UV Index predicted to reach 11 [Extreme]

Thursday      Sunny.                                 Min 18    Max 33
Friday        Sunny.                                 Min 17    Max 32
Saturday      Sunny.                                 Min 17    Max 33

The next routine forecast will be issued at 5:00 am CST Wednesday.