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BLUElink User Forum 2008


As part of an ongoing process to develop applications of BLUElink products to deliver societal benefits to Australia, and at the same time enhance the quality and applicability of these products, the Bureau, through its Oceanographic Services group, and in conjunction with colleagues in the BLUElink science team and the RAN, has initiated a series of BLUElink User Forums. The second of these Forums took place at the Holiday Inn, 778-788 Hay Street, Perth, Wed 30 April and Thur 1 May 2008, co-sponsored by the Bureau, the Western Australian Global Ocean Observing System (WAGOOS) regional alliance and the Perth Regional Programme Office of UNESCO's Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC).


Participation in the forum was very encouraging, with some 60 scientists and engineers from a range of sectors, including offshore industry, private service providers, state government, universities and the Bureau itself. There was excellent interaction and a lot of enthusiasm for the Bluelink ocean forecasts. Almost all the presentations from the forum have been made available (as below). Initial outlines for two demonstration projects planned for the WA region, covering offshore industry and marine biology/ecology applications of BLUElink, were discussed. The concept of these projects was agreed on by participants during the final forum session, and it is planned that they will eventually be implemented with full external funding.

BLUElink User Forum Background

The BLUElink User Forum

User Forum Presentations

BlueLink User ForumPlease note that due to the nature of PowerPoint online, the AVIs within may not be visible. They have been provided as seperate downloads.

Organisations represented in the User Forum

  • User ForumBureau of Meteorology
  • DHI
  • Gutteridge Haskings & Davies (GHD)
  • The Institute of Marine Engineering Science & Technology (IMAREST)
  • Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commision (IOC) of UNESCO
  • Marine Environmental Reviews
  • MetOcean Engineers
  • Royal Australian Navy
  • University of Western Australia
  • URS Australia
  • WA Department of Environment and Conservation
  • WA Department of Fisheries
  • WA Department of Planning and Infrastructure
  • Western Australian Marine Science Institution (WAMSI)
  • Western Australian Museum
  • Woodside Energy
  • WorleyParsons Infrastructure

User Forum Participants

Western Australian Government
WA Department of Environment and Conservation Chris Simpson - Email »
WA Department of Fisheries Nick Caputi - Email »
WA Department of Planning and Infrastructure Reena Lowry - Email »
WA Museum Lyle McShane - Email »
Bureau of Meteorology
Corporate Communications David Grant - Email »
WA Regional Office (WARO) Grahame Reader - Email »
Grant Elliott - Email »
Nadine Baillard - Email »
Emma Lybrand - Email »
Oceanographic Services Section Peter Dexter - Email »
Amanda Amjadali - Email »
National Meteorological & Oceanographic Centre  (NMOC) Graham Warren - Email »
Centre for Australian Weather and Climate Research
Ocean Prediction Gary Brassington - Email »
Peter Craig - Email »
Diana Greenslade - Email »
David Griffin - Email »
Andreas Schiller - Email »
Dirk Slawinski - Email »
Business Development Jennifer Sutton - Email »
Defence Royal Australian Navy Aaron Young - Email »
Joanne Haynes - Email »
International Collaboration Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commision (IOC) Nick D'Adamo - Email »
Private Sector DHI Tony Chiffings - Email »
Morten Rugbjerg - Email »
GHD Ray Steedman - Email »
Sebastian Morillo - Email »
Marine Environmental Reviews Des Mills - Email »
MetOcean Engineers Chris Fandry - Email »
Steve Buchan - Email »
URS Australia John Polglaze - Email »
Woodside Energy Stan Stroud - Email »
Geoff Wake - Email »
WorleyParsons Infrastructure Joanna Garcia Webb - Email »
Professional Associations & Research IMAREST Harry Arnold - Email »
David Austin
Alex McAllister
The University of Western Australia Charitha Pattiaratchi - Email »
Nicole Jones - Email »
Anya Waite - Email »
Integrated Marine Observing System (IMOS) Gary Meyers - Email »
Western Australian Marine Science Institution (WAMSI) Steve Blake - Email »