Tide Predictions for Western Australia

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The map below shows standard ports triangle and secondary ports square with tide predictions available. For other secondary ports circle average time differences are given.
The time differences are from the 2011 edition of the ANTT and are based on the most appropriate standard port. Select a standard port from the map below to see the time differences for the secondary ports (if any) related to it. You then need to submit the details about the location and date for your request (see above) to obtain the tide predictions.
Broome Cape Legendre, 3 minutes before Dampier Cape Legendre, 3 minutes before Dampier Hauy Islet, 13 minutes after Dampier Depuch Island, 4 minutes after Port Walcott Bedout Island, 12 minutes before Port Hedland Port Hedland Port Walcott Dampier - Hit Submit in form above Onslow and Barrow Island Region Damphead