Tide Predictions for Queensland

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The map below shows standard ports triangle and secondary ports square with tide predictions available. For other secondary ports circle average time differences are given.
The time differences are from the 2011 edition of the ANTT and are based on the most appropriate standard port. Select a standard port from the map below to see the time differences for the secondary ports (if any) related to it. You then need to submit the details about the location and date for your request (see above) to obtain the tide predictions.
Rib Reef, 46 minutes before Bugatti Reef Pith Reef, 59 minutes before Bugatti Reef Bowen, 47 minutes after Townsville Unnamed Reef No.2, 3 minutes before Townsville Kennedy Reef, 13 minutes after Townsville Stanley Reef, 23 minutes after Townsville Cape Ferguson, 2 minutes before Townsville Jaguar Reef, 13 minutes before Townsville Shrimp Reef, 4 minutes before Townsville John Brewer Reef, 4 minutes after Townsville Dip Reef, 13 minutes before Townsville Britomart Reef, no time difference from Townsville Goold Island, 2 minutes before Townsville Barnett Patches, 4 minutes before Townsville Dunk Island, 2 minutes before Townsville Flinders Reef, 17 minutes before Townsville Unnamed Reef No.1, 8 minutes before Townsville Albino Rock, 1 minute after Lucinda Cardwell, 12 minutes after Lucinda South Barnard Island, 5 minutes before Mourilyan Harbour Eddy Reef, 1 minute before Mourilyan Harbour Square Reef, no time difference from Shute Harbour Tideway Reef, 5 minutes before Shute Harbour Hook Island, 12 minutes before Shute Harbour Hayman Island, 24 minutes before Shute Harbour Peart Reef, 7 minutes before Mourilyan Harbour Nathan Reef, 8 minutes before Mourilyan Harbour Far North Queensland Bowen Abbot Point Mourilyan Harbour Lucinda - Hit Submit in form above Townsville Shute Harbour Central Great Barrier Reef Lucinda