Northern Territory Weather (beta)

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No warnings for the Northern Territory

Forecasts for Saturday 28 May 2016 Latest Weather
City Forecast Min Forecast Max Forecast Now Lowest Highest
Darwin33 °CPartly cloudy.32.4 °C24.8 °C (06:55 am)33.2 °C (01:27 pm)
Palmerston34 °CPartly cloudy.32.4 °C24.8 °C (06:55 am)33.2 °C (01:27 pm)
Alice Springs23 °CPartly cloudy.19.6 °C10.2 °C (05:06 am)20.8 °C (01:24 pm)
Katherine34 °CMostly sunny.34.4 °C19.1 °C (06:37 am)35.1 °C (12:57 pm)
Uluru21 °CBecoming cloudy.17.5 °C7.0 °C (05:09 am)18.2 °C (01:16 pm)
National Weather Overview

Northern Territory - the day so far

Highest Temp.
37.1 °C
Lowest Temp.
7.0 °C
Most Rain
1.4 mm
Gove Airport
since 9 am
46 km/h
Tennant Creek
11:34 am

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