Goodrich Bank Wave Observations

Located at 10.42S, 130.00E
(Approximately 100km North of the Tiwi Islands, Northern Territory)

No data available. (-1 records, need 5)

IMPORTANT:- The significant wave height is the average height of the highest one third of the waves. The likely maximum wave height can be up to twice the significant wave height. Learn more about wave heights.
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Significant Wave Height (Hs) & Maximum Wave Height (Hmax)

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Average Wave Period (Tz) & Peak Wave Period (Tp) and Direction

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Spectral Density

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Hs Height of significant wave (metres). This is the average height of the highest one third of the waves in the record.
Hmax Maximum height of the waves (metres) in the record.
Tz Average wave period. This is the average time (seconds) between all waves in the record. The more technical name for this quantity is the zero-crossing period.
Tp The peak wave period (seconds) is the period at which the peak of the wave spectrum occurs.
Spectral density Distribution of the variance of the surface elevation with wave period or frequency (proportional to the wave amplitude squared).


  • These observations have been taken from the Bureau of Meteorology's real-time system. These data are automatically generated and are not quality controlled. It is possible for incorrect values to appear. Further information can be found about Latest Weather Observations. Please check the disclaimer before using these data.
  • All times and dates are in Northern Territory local time.
  • Each 'observation' (or record) is obtained by sampling the waves for 20 minutes.
  • This page is automatically updated every hour from available data.
  • The wave buoy infrastructure was funded by the Integrated Marine Observing System (IMOS), with co-investment from the Bureau of Meteorology and the Australian Institute of Marine Science. IMOS is enabled by the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS). It is operated by a consortium of institutions as an unincorporated joint venture, with the University of Tasmania as Lead Agent.