Latest Weather Observations for Australian Antarctic Stations

Issued at 3:48 pm EST Friday 13 April 2012

Where no observation is available within the last 75 minutes, the latest observation is shown in italics and blue-green.
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Each station name links to the latest 72 hours of data.
  Date/ Time Temp AT Dew Point Rel Hum Wind Press Precipitation since 9 am
Dir Speed Gust Speed Gust
Station Name EST °C °C °C % km/h knots hPa mm
Casey 13/15:30 -8.2 -13.9 -12.3 72 NE 13 17 7 9 979.6 -
Davis 13/15:30 -6.2 -13.9 -10.9 69 E 24 32 13 17 977.6 -
Mawson 13/15:30 -9.1 -23.4 -16.9 53 SE 57 69 31 37 976.9 -
These observations have not been quality controlled.
'AT' is Steadman Apparent Temperature. About Thermal Comfort Observations - Wind Chill
Wind observations are a 10-minute average from the standard height of 10 metres.
'Dir' is Wind Direction. Direction from which the wind is blowing, reported to 16 points of the compass.
The wind gust is measured over 3 seconds.
'Tce' is a trace (< 0.1mm) of precipitation.
'Press' is Mean Sea Level Pressure. The correction from station level pressure to mean sea level pressure may sometimes use the conditions specified by the International Standard Atmosphere in the conversion process, rather than the conditions at the station at the time of the observation.
'-' indicates that no data is available.

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