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Latest Coastal Weather Observations: NSW | Vic | Qld | WA | SA | Tas | NT

About this table

  • These observations have not been quality controlled.
  • Different stations report at different time intervals, ranging from half hourly to twice daily.
  • Some stations are up to several kilometres inland.
  • All observations including locations outside of WA are shown in local time.
  • Wind 'Dir' is the direction the wind comes from, reported to 16 points of the compass.
  • Wind observations are a 10-minute average from the standard height of 10 metres.
  • Wind speed is a 10 minute average speed in knots.
  • The wind gust is measured over 3 seconds.
  • Trend in pressure since the last observation that has been corrected for diurnal variation. Diurnal variation means two peaks and troughs in pressure each day. (R rising, F falling, S steady).
  • '+' indicates 'greater than', '<' indicates 'less than'.
  • 'Trace' is a trace (<0.1mm) of rainfall.
  • 'Weather' is described, when data is available.
  • 'Cloud' cover is described, when data is available.
  • 'Vis' is the visibility distance in whole kilometres, above 5 kilometres. Below 5 kilometres, visibility is in tenths of a kilometre down to 0.1 (100 metres). '0' indicates visibility less than 100 metres.
  • Sea height is reported in metres.
  • Swell is reported as height and length, both in metres.
  • 'CF' indicates 'Confused Swell'. 'NS' indicates 'No Swell'.
  • Swell 'Dir' is the direction the swell comes from, reported to 8 points of the compass. Example 'SW' means southwest.
  • '-' indicates that no data is available at that time.
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