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Forecast issued at 4:30 pm EST on Friday 29 August 2014.

Weather Situation

A low pressure system lies in the Tasman Sea offshore of the New South Wales coast. It is expected to weaken and shift slowly east southeast through the Tasman Sea during the forecast period. A high over southeastern Australia extends a firm ridge along the east Queensland coast. The high will weaken and shift east northeast towards the Tasman Sea during the forecast period, gradually relaxing the ridge. A vigorous surface trough will enter far southwestern Queensland on Monday, with warm northwesterly winds spreading through districts to its east.

Forecast for the rest of Friday

Fine and sunny conditions over much of Queensland, with just the chance of some isolated showers over the offshore islands of southeastern Queensland and also about the central and tropical coasts. Powerful surf conditions along the southern Queensland coast, easing during the evening. Mostly moderate south to southeast winds, fresh and gusty about the Gold Coast and east tropical coast.

Saturday 30 August

Fine and sunny conditions over much of Queensland with only isolated showers about the east tropical coast and far northern Peninsula, and also over Fraser Island during the morning. Early frost patches over the southern and southeastern interior. Light to moderate southwest to southeast winds over southeast and central districts. Moderate east to southeast winds elsewhere, fresh and gusty at times along the east tropical coast.

Sunday 31 August

The high will most likely enter southern Queensland, extending a weak ridge through much of the state. Light winds and clear skies will result in early frosts through the southeastern interior. An upper level trough will move north into southeastern Queensland from New South Wales, possibly generating some showers late in the day near the southern border ranges. Isolated showers will likely continue through the far northern Peninsula and also possibly affect the east tropical coast. Fine and sunny conditions are expected elsewhere.

Monday 1 September

The high will drift further east into the northern Tasman Sea, maintaining a weak ridge along the east Queensland coast. A vigorous trough will enter southwestern Queensland late in the day, with warm northwesterly winds extending through western and southern districts to its east. Some cloud may accompany the trough in the far southwest though with no rainfall expected. Most of the state should in fact be fine and mostly sunny with just the chance of isolated showers over the far northern Peninsula. Early frosts will persist about the southeastern interior.

Tuesday 2 September

The trough is expected to move rapidly east, most likely contracting off the southern Queensland coast Tuesday evening. Warm northwesterly winds will extend through central and southern districts to the east of the trough ahead of a dry, gusty south to southwesterly change developing in its wake. Some cloud will accompany the trough through southern districts though with little or no rainfall expected. Isolated showers will likely persist in an onshore wind flow through the far northeastern Peninsula, with fine and mostly sunny conditions elsewhere.

Wednesday until Friday

The trough will shift further east into the Coral Sea on Wednesday with a dry, cool southerly wind flow and fine and sunny conditions extending through Queensland in its wake. Early frosts are likely through the southern and southeastern inland. A high will enter the Great Australian Bight on Thursday and should move east into southeastern Australia on Friday, extending a ridge along the east Queensland coast. Isolated showers will develop near the east tropical coast as winds tend more onshore. A new trough will most likely enter southwestern Queensland on Thursday and shift east, possibly generating some shower activity over southern and central districts with its passage.

The next routine forecast will be issued at 4:30 am EST Saturday.

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