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Forecast issued at 4:30 am EST on Thursday 18 December 2014.

Weather Situation

A surface trough over the interior of the state will deepen during today as a new upper trough enters the state. The surface and upper troughs should then shift east northeastwards, most likely contracting off the southern coast during Friday.

Forecast for the rest of Thursday

Showers and storms in a broad band from the northwest into the central west and down to the southeast of the state, and some of these storms may be severe. There is a slight to medium chance of showers and storms extending eastwards through the remaining central interior and into the Capricornia late in the day. Mainly moderate northeast to northwest winds across the eastern districts, fresh at times about the southeast coast. Moderate to fresh southwest to southeast winds across the southern interior.

Fire Danger - Very high to severe over the southern interior and Central West.

Friday 19 December

Some early morning showers and storms over the southern districts, contracting northwards during the day as a new high pressure system over southern Australia pushes drier air northwards. More active and widespread showers and thunderstorms from the northwest of the state, across the northern interior and down to the Capricornia and Wide Bay coasts. The northeast tropics should remain fine and mostly sunny.

Saturday 20 December

A broad upper trough should maintain instability across much of the state whilst a ridge should build along the southern coast from a high moving east over southeastern Australia. A drier southerly flow across the southern interior should maintain fine and mostly sunny conditions in the region. There's a slight chance of showers about the far southeast of the state in the onshore flow and also about the east coast north of Bowen. Showers and thunderstorms are expected elsewhere, particularly the far northwest of the state and into the tropical and central inland.

Sunday 21 December

An upper trough should persist along the southeast coast, while a ridge of high pressure along the east coast should continue to push moist air into eastern Queensland. Both weather systems should work together to produce showers and storms over most of the state, though the far southeast of the state should only see the slight chance of showers due to the ridge over the area. Fine and dry over the southwest of the state.

Monday until Wednesday

A ridge of high pressure should persist about the east coast early in the new week, pushing showers onto the far eastern districts at times. Mainly fine over the eastern interior, except for the chance of some isolated showers. A broad area of low pressure should persist over central Australia, and will draw moist northerly winds across western Queensland. Showers and storms should extend through much of western Queensland on Monday and Tuesday, possibly extending into the southern interior on Wednesday.

The next routine forecast will be issued at 4:30 pm EST Thursday.

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