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Forecast issued at 4:31 pm EST on Tuesday 28 July 2015.

Weather Situation

An upper trough over central Queensland will move northeastwards, moving off the north Queensland coast during Wednesday. A surface trough near the central Queensland coast will move slowly northeastwards to the north tropical coast during Wednesday. These features are likely to lead to increasing showers about the wet tropics for the rest of today and tomorrow. A large high over southern Australia extends a firm ridge across Queensland. The high is expected to weaken as it moves east into the Tasman Sea on Thursday.

Forecast for the rest of Tuesday

The slight chance of showers in the tropical interior, increasing to a medium to high chance of showers about the east coast north of Townsville. A slight to medium chance of showers about exposed parts of the east coast elsewhere. Fine and mostly clear elsewhere in the state. Moderate south to southeasterly winds, tending moderate to fresh east to southeasterly about Cape York Peninsula.

Wednesday 29 July

The slight to moderate chance of showers along the east coast, tending high to very high in exposed coastal locations north of about Mackay. Some moderate falls are possible about the north tropical coast. Early frosts are expected over the central and southern inland. Fine and mostly sunny elsewhere. Moderate to fresh east to southeasterly winds, tending moderate south to southeasterly in southeast parts.

Thursday 30 July

A strong high will continue to move east over the Tasman Sea and begin to weaken, with the firm ridge along the Queensland east coast also beginning to weaken. The upper trough will move offshore into the Coral Sea. Medium to high chance of showers along the tropical east coast, but this activity should begin to ease as the upper trough moves away. Slight to medium chance of showers along the remainder of the east coast. Early frost should be less extensive over the central and southern inland.

Friday 31 July

A weak ridge of high pressure will persist over Queensland, resulting in fine and mostly sunny conditions for much of the state. A slight to medium chance of showers will be restricted to the central and northern coastline. Morning frosts are possible about the central and southern interior, however are expected to be less extensive than earlier in the week.

Saturday 1 August

The ridge of high pressure should persist over Queensland. Fine and mostly sunny conditions are expected to remain for much of the state, except for the slight to medium chance of coastal showers about the northern tropical coast. Light early frosts are possible about the southern interior.

Sunday until Tuesday

An upper trough and surface trough are expected to develop in the far southwest of the state late on Sunday. The troughs should move east across the southern and central interior during Monday before contracting off the southern coast during Tuesday. Shower activity is possible in southern parts associated with the troughs. A new high over southwestern Australia is expected to extend a ridge into Queensland on Tuesday in the wake of the surface trough.

The next routine forecast will be issued at 4:30 am EST Wednesday.

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