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Forecast issued at 4:30 am EST on Saturday 1 November 2014.

Weather Situation

A weak ridge of high pressure extends along the east Queensland coast. A new high will enter the Tasman Sea on Monday, reinforcing the ridge. A surface trough will shift east over the interior of the state today and become slow moving before shifting west again early next week. A coastal trough will move north along the southern coast during Sunday and enter the Wide Bay and Capricornia coasts on Monday. An upper level trough will also enter the Wide Bay and Capricornia districts on Monday.

Forecast for the rest of Saturday

Showers and gusty thunderstorms in a band from the northwest of the state into the central and southeastern interior. Some of this activity may reach the southern coast late in the day. Possible gusty showers or storms in the southwest, though with little rainfall expected. Fine and mostly sunny elsewhere apart from the slight chance of light showers near the far north tropical coast. Moderate to fresh southeast to northeasterly winds in the tropics. A gusty south to southwesterly wind change entering the far southwest during the day. A warm to hot day with moderate to fresh northwest to northeasterly winds elsewhere, strong and gusty at times over the interior and along the southern coast.

Fire Danger - Very High over much of the interior, reaching Severe in the Maranoa and Warrego and Darling Downs and Granite Belt districts.

Sunday 2 November

A coastal trough and cooler southeasterly wind change will shift north through southeastern Queensland towards Fraser Island, gradually decreasing the likelihood of storms over areas to its south. Showers and storms remain likely near the inland trough from the northwest of the state into central districts and the Wide Bay and Burnett. Some high cloud will extend into the southwest of the state though with little or no rainfall expected. The tropics will remain fine apart from the slight chance of showers near the far north coast.

Monday 3 November

The inland surface trough will shift a little further west as the ridge along the coast builds. It will likely trigger some showers and storms through the interior of the state northeast of about Mount Isa to Charleville. The coastal trough should shift north towards the Capricornia coast. It will likely combine with an upper level trough to lead to a high chance of showers and some storms through the Capricornia, southern central interior and Wide Bay and Burnett with some locally heavy falls possible with storms. The tropics will remain fine apart from the slight chance of showers near the far north coast. A much cooler day is expected over central and southeast districts due to cloud cover and/or southeasterly winds.

Tuesday 4 November

The coastal trough will weaken as it shifts north into the central coast though should still trigger some showers and possible storms through parts of central districts. Moisture will increase along the eastern tropics with showers developing south of about Cooktown. The inland trough will shift further west to extend from about Mount Isa to Thargomindah, with some showers and storms over the interior near and to its east. Mostly fine conditions are expected in the southeastern corner of the state with just the slight chance of showers.

Wednesday until Friday

A surface trough over the west of the state will likely trigger showers and storms from the northwest into the southern interior, possibly getting into the southeast, particularly inland parts, during Thursday and Friday. A moist onshore wind flow will produce showers about the eastern tropics and central coast though these should gradually decrease and contract north during the outlook period as the ridge along the east coast weakens.

The next routine forecast will be issued at 4:30 pm EST Saturday.

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