Townsville Meteorological Office Photographs

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View to North (Cape Pallarenda & Magnetic Island) Northern View View to East (Castle Hill) Eastern View View to South (Mt.Stuart) Southern View
View to West (Paluma Range) Western View Instrument Enclosure Instrument Enclosure Stevenson Screen and Thermometers Stevenson Screen
Radionuclide Air Sampler RN06 Air Sampler Class "A" Evaporation Pan Evaporation Pan Campbell-Stokes Sunshine Recorder Sunshine Recorder
203mm Rim Rain Gauge Standard Rain Gauge Rain Gauge with collecting funnell removed showing measuring cylinder Standard Rain Gauge (open) Electronic Pluviograph with Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge and Data Logger Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge (open)
Flood Warning Rainfall Alert Station Rain Alert Hydrogen Weather Balloon released by the Remote Balloon Launcher Remote Balloon Launcher