Coupled Model Intercomparison Project (CMIP) data processing and analysis

Providing information, guidelines and links about the local replica of CMIP3 and CMIP5 (and soon CMIP6) data.

This page exists to provide some quick links to information about the local, unofficial, partial-replica of CMIP5 data that has been downloaded onto a specially configured computer named "raijin" that is located at the National Facility (NF), National Computational Infrastructure (NCI), Australian National University (ANU) in Canberra.

You cannot download data directly from this web page, but the text and links on this page can help you to discover some details about:

  • How to gain access and permission to use the data?
  • What subsets of data are available?
  • Where the local data is stored?
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Source: IPCC AR5 synthesis report



Aurel Moise (Bureau lead)



  • Guidance on how to access CMIP data locally
  • Links to the major Australian and Internatioinal sites for CMIP
  • Information on variables, data formats, etc.

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