Climate and Weather Science Virtual Laboratory

Providing a national platform for researchers and government agencies to simulate, analyse and predict climate and weather phenomena.

The Climate and Weather Science Laboratory (CWSLab) is a “virtual laboratory”: all users interact through special portals on the internet with this laboratory. What does it do? It provides a series of tools and resources that assists scientists working together more effectively and share information in Australian climate and weather research.

Developed by the Bureau of Meteorology, CSIRO and the National Computational Infrastructure (NCI), the CWSLab offers Australian researchers access to climate and weather modelling software products; an extensive data library; new research, analysis and visualisation tools; and a space for sharing climate and weather model experiments and results across the research community.

Studies which can be supported by this virtual lab include weather prediction and investigation of extreme events, atmosphere–ocean–land–ice interactions, climate variability and change, greenhouse gases, water cycles, and carbon cycles. One of the main ideas of the CWSLab is to enable users to add to it: any tools can be added to the overall collection of tools and therefore can be shared across the science community through cwslab's GitHub repository.


Source: CWSLab screen shot



Aurel Moise (Bureau lead)


  • Manoshan Domingo
  • Robin Bowen
  • Tim Erwin (CSIRO)


  • Providing Weather and climate modelling code, data and experiments
  • Creating local and international climate and weather repositories
  • Access to advanced computational capability and data
  • Support development of software tools for data analysis and visualisation

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