NESP Earth System and Climate Change Hub (ESCC)

ESCC Hub is a CSIRO-BOM-University driven science program funded by the Department of the Environment and Energy.

The National Environmental Science Programme (NESP) is an amalgamation of the National Environmental Research Program (NERP) and the Australian Climate Change Science Programme (ACCSP) and is a long-term commitment to support environmental and climate research. The key objective of the NESP is to improve our understanding of Australia’s environment through collaborative research that delivers accessible results and informs decision making.

The goal of the Earth Systems and Climate Change (ESCC) Hub is to ensure that Australia’s policies and management decisions are effectively informed by Earth systems and climate change science now and into the future

The Hub will deliver knowledge, information, and data products and services to ensure that environmental decision making is informed by an understanding of Australia’s past, current and future climate.It will build a national climate Earth system and climate simulation capability in ACCESS (the Australian Climate Community Earth System Simulator); ensure the provision of nationally coordinated climate information for use across NESP and the broader stakeholder community.

Currently there are 11 major science projects conducted within ESCC, involving researchers from BOM, CSIRO, University of Melbourne, University of New South Wales, University of Tasmania, Monash University and the Australian National University.


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Aurel Moise (Bureau lead)


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  • Lead the development of a national Earth system and climate simulator (ACCESS)
  • Advance understanding of Australia’s climate variability and extremes, and associated drivers
  • Develop and strengthen stakeholder relationships, and support informed management and evidence-based decision making
  • Facilitate outreach and communication of science, with products and services to end-users and the general public

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