Claire Spillman

Senior Research Scientist

Current work and responsibilities

My primary interests are coupled dynamical seasonal marine modelling applications. My current research involves dynamical seasonal forecasting for coral reef and fisheries management, including Great Barrier Reef coral bleaching risk, Australian tuna and billfish fisheries, and Tasmanian and NZ salmon aquaculture. I'm currently leading a project to migrate, upgrade and expand the operational seasonal coral bleaching risk forecasts from POAMA to the new ACCESS-S1 system. Additional projects include developing forecast products for NZ fisheries (collaboration with NIWA) and investigating oceanographic drivers, and their prediction, of the East Australian tuna and billfish longline fishery.

I have also led projects to develop new cutting edge seasonal prediction SST-based and sea level products for coral bleaching risk in the Western Pacific under PACCSAP. This work builds on previous research and development of the first dynamical operational forecasts for coral bleaching risk on the Great Barrier Reef. Additionally I also led a complementary project to update and operationalise ReefTemp Next Generation, a tailored real-time remote sensing SST-based application for assessing coral bleaching risk on the Great Barrier Reef. Both the seasonal forecasts and ReefTemp Next Generation nowcasts are important components of the GBR Early Warning System for coral bleaching.

Career background

  • 2000: University of Western Australia, B.Eng(Environmental)/B.Sci(Chemistry) Hons
  • 2008: University of Western Australia, PhD. (Environmental Engineering)
Professional Positions
  • 2005-2008: Graduate Research Scientist; Bureau of Meteorology, Melbourne, Australia
  • 2009-2015: Research Scientist; Bureau of Meteorology, Melbourne, Australia
  • 2016-present: Senior Research Scientist; Bureau of Meteorology, Melbourne, Australia

Selected Publications

  • Smith G, Spillman CM (2019) New high-resolution sea surface temperature forecasts for coral reef management on the Great Barrier Reef. Coral Reefs.
  • de Burgh-Day CO, Spillman CM, Stevens CJ, Alves O, Rickard G (2019) Predicting seasonal ocean variability around New Zealand using a coupled ocean-atmosphere model. New Zealand Journal of Marine and Freshwater Research. 53:201-221.
  • Hobday AJ, Spillman CM, Eveson P, Hartog JR, Zhang X, Brodie S (2018) A framework for combining seasonal forecasts and climate projections to aid risk management for fisheries and aquaculture. Frontiers in Marine Science. 5:137.
  • Spillman CM, Hobday AJ (2014) Dynamical seasonal ocean forecasts to aid salmon farm management in a climate hotspot. Climate Risk Management, 1:25-38
  • Spillman CM, Alves O, Hudson DA (2012) Predicting thermal stress for coral bleaching in the Great Barrier Reef using a coupled ocean-atmosphere seasonal forecast model. International Journal of Climatology 33:1001-1014.
  • Spillman CM (2011) Operational real-time seasonal forecasts for coral reef management. Journal of Operational Oceanography, 4(1):13-22.
Claire Spillman-photo

Claire Spillman

  • Seasonal prediction
  • Marine forecasting applications
  • Fisheries management
  • Coral reef management
  • Hydrodynamic ecological modelling
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