Deryn Griffiths

Forecast Systems Scientist

Current work and responsibilities

Deryn's role with the Research and Development Branch includes improving tools for forecasters to use, and conducting verification of forecasts and guidance. Evidence about when, where and how much value forecasters are adding to the forecasts issued by the Bureau highlights areas we can target to improve the numerical models and other objective guidance. It highlights areas on which forecasters can usefully focus their time and areas in which forecasters can afford to rely on the model guidance available. Deryn has a special interest in probabilistic weather forecasts.

Career background

  • 1987: Monash University, BSc (Hons)
  • 1992: Macquarie University, PhD
  • 1995: Bureau of Meteorology, Grad Dip Met
Professional positions
  • 1992–1994: Associate Lecturer in Mathematics, University of Sydney.
  • 1996–2001: Weather Forecaster, Bureau of Meteorology
  • 2001–2006: Lecturer, Bureau of Meteorology Training Centre
  • 2006–2015: Assistant Manager Weather Services NSW, Bureau of Meteorology
  • 2015–present: Forecast Systems Scientist, Bureau of Meteorology Research and Development

Selected publications


Deryn Griffiths

  • Probabilistic forecast services
  • Verification
  • Fire weather forecasts