Guomin Wang

Senior Research Scientist

Current work and responsibilities

My research focuses on climate variability and change, seasonal prediction science and system, and climate event attribution. I have specialised in El Niño/Southern Oscillation prediction, climate drivers' influence on Australia and climate prediction model development. I have developed advanced diagnostic skill for interpreting data from the observed and simulated climate system. Currently I contribute to the Improving Seasonal Forecast System project.

Career background

  • 1989, Nanjing University, Ph.D. (Atmospheric Sciences)
  • 1985, Nanjing University, M. Sc. (Atmospheric Sciences)
  • 1982, Nanjing Institute of Meteorology, B. Sc. (Meteorology)
Professional positions
  • 2010–present Senior Professional Officer Grade B, E&R/CAWCR
  • 2000–2010 Senior Professional Officer Grade C, CAWCR/BMRC
  • 1997–2000 Professional Officer Grade 2, BMRC
  • 1992–1996 Associate Professor, Nanjing University, China
  • 1989–1992 Assistant Professor, Nanjing University, China

Selected publications

  • Wang, G., and H. H. Hendon, 2017: Why 2015 was a strong El Niño and 2014 was not. Geophys. Res. Lett., 44, doi:10.1002/2017GL074244.
  • Wang, G., S. B. Power, and S. Mcgree, 2016: Unambiguous warming in the western tropical Pacific primarily caused by anthropogenic forcing. Int. J. Climatol., 36, 933–944, doi:10.1002/joc.4395.
  • Wang, G., P. Hope, E.-P. Lim, H. H. Hendon, and J. M. Arblaster, 2016: Three methods for the attribution of extreme weather and climate events. Bureau of Meteorology Research Report. No. 18, 32 pp. (available online at
  • Asseng, S., P.C. McIntosh, G. Wang and N. Khimashia, 2012: Optimal N fertiliser management based on a seasonal forecast. Europ. J. Agronomy, 38, 66-73.
  • Wang, G. and Hendon, H. H., 2007: Sensitivity of Australian rainfall to inter-El Niño variations, J. Climate, 20, 4211-4226.
  • Wang, G., Kleeman, R., Smith, N.R., Tseitkin, F., 2002: The BMRC coupled general circulation model ENSO forecast system. Monthly Weather Review, 130(4), 975-991.

Guomin Wang

  • El Niño Prediction
  • Climate Modelling
  • Climate Change Attribution
  • Extreme Event Attribution
  • Southern Hemisphere Circulation
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