Harry Jack

Forecast Systems Scientist

Current work and responsibilities

My work is the development of better forecast processes to improve the Bureau's public weather forecasts. I deal with the both the science and software aspects of designing new forecast processes. This includes liaising closely with operational meteorologists, software developers and other stakeholders to ensure that my work is fit for deployment to operations.

Core aspects of my work are: developing forecast processes from meteorological and statistical principles; iteratively improving on forecast processes using hindcast experiments (back-testing) and analysing the comparative performance of different forecast processes; presenting results on browser-based dashboards to allow interested stakeholders to easily see and explore and understand results for themselves; deploying new forecast processes to operations; and monitoring the performance of operational processes.

Career background

  • 2013: The University Of Sydney, Bachelor of Science (Advanced Mathematics) (Honours)
  • 2014: Bureau of Meteorology, Graduate Diploma of Meteorology
Professional positions
  • 2015: Operational Meteorologist, Bureau of Meteorology, Sydney, Australia.
  • 2016–present: Forecast Systems Scientist, Bureau of Meteorology, Sydney, Australia.

Selected publications

  • Jack, H., Griffiths, D., Ioannou, I., Liu, M. & Foley, M. (2017). Improving Forecast Process Through Application of Verification Techniques to Hindcast Experiments. Presented at the AMOS/MSNZ Conference, 7-10 February 2017, Canberra, Australia.
  • Griffiths, D., Jack, H., Foley, M., Ioannou, I. and Liu, M. (2017) Advice for Automation of Forecasts: A Framework. Bureau Research Report 21

Harry Jack

  • Hindcast experiments (back-testing)
  • Forecast verification
  • Stakeholder liaison