Sandy Dance

Senior IT Professional

Current work and responsibilities

Sandy works in a number of roles including:

  • verifying and calibrating radar rainfall forecasts,
  • exploring the application of mathematics and geometry to probabilistic storm forecasting, and
  • presenting map based forecast products on the web using WMS and Leaflet, a Google Maps like interface.

Career background

  • 1969: Monash University, B.Sc
  • 1973: Monash University, M.Sc (Differential Geometry)
  • 1995: University of Melbourne, PhD (Artificial Intelligence - Computer Vision)
Professional positions
  • 1976: Mathematics lecturer, University of Tripoli, Libya
  • 1978–1990: Computer contractor, Melbourne, Australia
  • 1995–1996: Research Fellow, University of Melbourne
  • 1997–1998: ITO2, AMDISS, Bureau of Meteorology, Melbourne, Australia
  • 1998–present: SITOC and scientist, R&D, Bureau of Meteorology, Melbourne, Australia

Selected publications

  • Dance, S. and Seed, A. (2012) Characterizing Radar Raingauge Errors for NWP Assimilation. EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts
  • Dance, S., Ebert, E., and Scurrah, D. (2010) Thunderstorm strike probability nowcasting. Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology 27 (1), 79-93
  • Mathieson, I. Dance, S., Padgham, P., Gorman, M. and Winikoff, M. (2004) An open meteorological alerting system: Issues and solutions. Proceedings of the 27th Australasian conference on Computer science-Volume 26
  • Dance, S. and Potts, R. (2002) Microburst detection using agent networks. Journal of atmospheric and oceanic technology 19 (5), 646-653
  • Dance, S., Caelli, T. and Liu Z.Q. (1995) Picture interpretation: A symbolic approach. Publisher World Scientific.

Sandy Dance

  • agent based solutions
  • computational geometry and mathematics
  • WMS based web maps
  • Various computer languages, ie: R, Perl, Python, C++, Java, PHP, Javascript
Google Scholar page
  • R&D web committee