Strengthening our services for all Australians

We are embarking on a program to strengthen and improve the services we provide for all Australians – now and into the future.

Every day, the Bureau of Meteorology delivers products and services that contribute to the health, safety, wellbeing, social and economic lives of all Australians.

We aspire to bold goals: helping to contribute to zero lives lost due to natural hazards; and contributing $2 billion in added social and economic value for the Australian community by 2022.

The Bureau has evolved over the past 110 years to serve and respond to the needs of the Australian community. Our current and future operating environment is facing unprecedented change on a range of fronts, including technology, demography and societal values and norms. Changes in weather and climate are presenting extremes of weather more frequently, and with greater intensity. Advances in science and technology also present us with opportunities to improve the quality of our services.

To deliver maximum value and impact for Australians, we need to strengthen the services we deliver to the public. To achieve this, we have embarked on a program that will design, implement, and transition to a new way of providing climatological, hydrological and meteorological services.

This program will ensure we are even more connected with local communities: sharing customised insights and data to help Australians make more informed decisions, and working with partners, such as emergency services, to protect the lives and livelihoods of all Australians.

We remain committed to our people on the ground in each capital city across Australia. In delivering our public services, our staff numbers will be maintained and most likely increased over time – especially in response to our customers' significant and growing demand for weather, climate, water and ocean insights.

Benefits for all Australians

By strengthening our services for Australians, we will deliver a number of benefits.

We will better understand the community's needs and the way weather and climate impacts upon them. We will deliver services that are customised, localised, relevant, and create deeper connections to the Bureau.

Our operations will be more responsive and resilient; we will more flexibly deploy our capabilities when and where they are needed most.

We will further develop our real-time engagement and connection with the community, providing people with the latest data, knowledge, insight and wisdom from our experts in ways that are better tailored to meet their needs.

More of our expert staff will work side-by-side with partners, customers and stakeholders in emergency services to improve the safety and security of life and property.

The capabilities we develop for the public will help to increase the competitiveness of our Australian industry and ensure greater value for the whole community.


The program will be completed in phases, and will conclude in mid-2023.

A phased approach will ensure that our changes are sustainable, ensure no impacts to our service, and yield significant benefits for the Australian public, our partners, and our staff.

Engaging with our stakeholders

We will continue to engage deeply with our staff, customers, partners and stakeholders across Australia. This will be achieved through collaboration and co-design initiatives, website information, briefings, frequently asked questions, and formal consultation.

Program updates