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Forecast issued at 4:30 pm EST on Tuesday 26 July 2016.

Weather Situation

A deep low to the south of Tasmania will move away to the southeast during today. A cold front and low will reach the west coast this evening, with the front to cross the state overnight. A westerly flow will then persist over Tasmania for the remainder of the week, with further fronts to brush the south of the state on Wednesday evening and during Friday morning. The flow will tend northwesterly on Saturday as a more substantial cold front approaches from the west.

Forecast for the rest of Tuesday

Showers about the west and north, extending statewide in the evening. Snowfalls above 700 metres. Fresh to strong and gusty northwesterly winds.

Wednesday 27 July

Showers statewide, contracting to the west and far south by the middle of the day, then extending to the remainder of the south during the evening. Snowfalls to around 500 metres in the south, rising above 1000 metres during the afternoon. Fresh and gusty northwest winds, shifting west to southwest in the morning.

Thursday 28 July

Showers, mainly about the west, far south and Bass Strait islands. Fresh west to northwesterly winds, gusty at times.

Friday 29 July

Showers about the west, south and Bass Strait islands. The chance of showers elsewhere. Fresh west to northwesterly winds, turning southwesterly during the afternoon. Winds gusty at times until late afternoon.

Saturday 30 July

The chance of showers in the northwest, extending throughout during the evening. Showers becoming more likely in the north and west during the evening. Northwesterly winds, becoming fresh and gusty late afternoon and evening.

The next routine forecast will be issued at 5:00 am EST Wednesday.

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