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Forecast issued at 5:22 am EST on Friday 18 August 2017.

Weather Situation

A high over the Bight coupled with a low to the southeast of Tasmania are combining to direct a unstable westerly flow over the north of the state. The low will move over the Tasman Sea overnight, as the the associated cold front crosses Tasmania. This low will then deepen over the Tasman Sea today as the high moves over the Bight and a weakening cold front crosses the state ahead of a very cold southerly flow. This flow will shift southwesterly on Saturday, as the high moves east and extends a ridge just west of the state. This ridge will then cross the state late on Saturday as the high moves over Victoria and another low moves into the Bight on Sunday. A northwesterly flow develops over Tasmania on Monday as the low continues to move east over Victoria and the high moves into the Tasman Sea.

Forecast for the rest of Friday

Mainly fine about the north coast, with showers and small hail elsewhere, easing during the day. Possible thunderstorms about the west and Bass Strait islands. Snowfalls lowering to around 300 metres. Southerly winds, fresh about the east.

Saturday 19 August

Showers about the west, south and east coast, contracting to the west and far south by the afternoon. Snowfalls to around 400 metres in the morning. Fine elsewhere with widespread frost. Southwesterly winds.

Sunday 20 August

Showers about the west and far south, falling as snow to around 900 metres. Widespread frost and possible fog elsewhere. Northwest to southwesterly winds tending northerly in the evening.

Monday 21 August

Showers about the north and west, extending to most districts in the afternoon or evening. Areas of morning frost. Northerly winds, freshening late.

The next routine forecast will be issued at 4:30 pm EST Friday.

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