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Forecast issued at 5:26 am EDT on Wednesday 22 October 2014.

Weather Situation

A high to the east of Tasmania will move slowly eastwards as a trough and weakening cold front cross the state later today. On Thursday, a new high will move past the south of Tasmania to be over the Tasman Sea early Friday. A complex area of low pressure near Adelaide is expected to move into Victoria late on Friday and extend another trough over Tasmania as another front approaches the west. The front and trough will move to the east of the state early on Saturday to be replaced by a ridge extending from another high centred over the Bight.

Forecast for the rest of Wednesday

A mostly sunny morning but cloud increasing in the afternoon with the chance of showers and thunderstorms, more likely in the south and east. Cool at first followed by a cool to mild day, locally warm in the south. Moderate north to northeasterly winds, fresh about the east and northwest coasts, becoming a light to moderate southwesterly in the evening.

Thursday 23 October

Showers about the south and east, contracting to the northeast during the afternoon. Showers developing about the northwest in the morning. Mostly cloudy elsewhere. Cool to cold with moderate south to southeasterly winds tending east to northeasterly later in the day and easing.

Friday 24 October

Showers about the north and east, developing about the west and far south in the afternoon or evening and possibly extending to the southeast late. Cool to cold at first, then a cool to locally mild day. Light to moderate east to northeasterly winds, fresh about the east coast, tending northerly later in the day.

Saturday 25 October

Showers about the north, west and far south with possible showers elsewhere, clearing from the south during the afternoon and evening. Cool to cold at first, then a cool to locally mild day, with light to moderate southwest to southerly winds, fresh about the east and northwest coasts.

The next routine forecast will be issued at 4:30 pm EDT Wednesday.

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