Forecast summary for Tasmanian towns

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Forecast issued at 5:10 am EDT on Friday 30 January 2015.

for Friday 30 January 2015

King Island

Location Min. Max. Summary
Currie 20 °C Partly cloudy.

North West Coast

Location Min. Max. Summary
Burnie 21 °C Partly cloudy.
Deloraine 22 °C Partly cloudy.
Devonport 21 °C Partly cloudy.
Latrobe 22 °C Partly cloudy.
Marrawah 21 °C Partly cloudy.
Penguin 21 °C Partly cloudy.
Port Sorell 21 °C Partly cloudy.
Railton 23 °C Partly cloudy.
Smithton 22 °C Partly cloudy.
Stanley 22 °C Partly cloudy.
Ulverstone 21 °C Partly cloudy.
Wynyard 22 °C Partly cloudy.
Sheffield 22 °C Partly cloudy.

Central North

Location Min. Max. Summary
Launceston 21 °C Windy. Partly cloudy.
Cressy 20 °C Cloudy.
Evandale 20 °C Possible shower. Windy.
Exeter 21 °C Becoming windy. Partly cloudy.
George Town 21 °C Possible late shower.
Mowbray 21 °C Becoming windy. Partly cloudy.
Prospect 21 °C Windy. Partly cloudy.

Furneaux Islands

Location Min. Max. Summary
The Corner 19 °C Shower or two. Windy.
Whitemark 20 °C Showers.

North East

Location Min. Max. Summary
Ben Lomond 9 °C Shower or two. Windy.
Bridport 20 °C Partly cloudy.
Scottsdale 20 °C Partly cloudy.

Central Plateau

Location Min. Max. Summary
Bothwell 16 °C Showers.
Cradle Valley 17 °C Partly cloudy.
Liawenee 13 °C Possible shower.
Lake St Clair 15 °C Possible shower.
New Pelion Hut 16 °C Cloudy.
Tarraleah 15 °C Shower or two.


Location Min. Max. Summary
Strahan 22 °C Partly cloudy.
Maydena 16 °C Shower or two.
Melaleuca 17 °C Shower or two.
Mount Field 12 °C Shower or two.
Queenstown 21 °C Partly cloudy.
Rosebery 22 °C Partly cloudy.
Strathgordon 17 °C Cloudy.
Waratah 19 °C Partly cloudy.
Zeehan 21 °C Partly cloudy.


Location Min. Max. Summary
Campbell Town 17 °C Shower or two. Becoming windy.
Oatlands 15 °C Showers.
Ross 18 °C Shower or two. Becoming windy.
Tunnack 14 °C Showers.

East Coast

Location Min. Max. Summary
Bicheno 16 °C Showers. Windy.
Coles Bay 16 °C Showers increasing late. Windy.
St Helens 18 °C Showers. Windy.
Fingal 17 °C Showers.
Orford 16 °C Showers increasing late.
St Marys 18 °C Showers.
Maria Island 16 °C Showers increasing late. Windy.
Swansea 16 °C Showers.

Upper Derwent Valley

Location Min. Max. Summary
New Norfolk 17 °C Showers.
Ouse 18 °C Shower or two.

South East

Location Min. Max. Summary
Campania 16 °C Showers, increasing late.
Hobart 16 °C Showers, increasing late.
Mount Wellington 8 °C Showers, increasing late.
Adventure Bay 15 °C Showers, increasing late.
Bellerive 16 °C Showers, increasing late.
Brighton 16 °C Showers, increasing late.
Cygnet 16 °C Showers, increasing late.
Dover 16 °C Showers, increasing late.
Geeveston 16 °C Showers, increasing late.
Glenorchy 16 °C Showers, increasing late.
Huonville 16 °C Showers, increasing late.
Kingston 16 °C Showers, increasing late.
Port Arthur 15 °C Showers, increasing late.
Richmond 16 °C Showers, increasing late.
Sorell 16 °C Showers, increasing late.

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