UV and Sun Protection Times

Check the Bureau's daily forecast for sun protection times in your area.

Watch or Listen Out for Sun Protection Times

The Bureau's UV Service includes the times of the day when UV levels are expected to be Moderate or above. The times can be found in the daily weather forecasts for your area. Sun Protection measures are recommended during these times.

In future, forecasts will focus even more on the times of the day when people need to use sun protection. The emphasis on Sun Protection Times will allow people to understand what action they need to take to avoid the damaging effects of UV when working or playing outdoors, on any day of the year — whether it is sunny or cloudy, cool or hot.

Sun Protection Times vary during the year and across Australia depending on the season. It is not only on hot days that the sun can cause damage, so pay attention to the Sun Protection Times even on cloudy or partly cloudy days and use a combination of sun protection measures.

Forecasts will still include the Low, Moderate, High, Very High, Extreme scale, but the actual UV Index value will be less prominent and the UV Alert will disappear.

You will hear and see Sun Protection Times more often in Newspapers, radio, TV and other media soon.

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The Bureau, Cancer Council and Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA), have adopted the Sun Protection Times based on the World Health Organisation's Global Solar UV Index.

Bureau of Meteorology
Map legend:
                     11+ (violet) extreme,
                     8-10 (red) very high,
                     6-7 (orange) high,
                     3-5 (yellow) moderate,
                     1-2 (green) low
                     Protect yourself in 5 ways:
                     1) Slip on sun-protective clothing, 
                     2) Slop on SPF30+ sunscreen. Reapply every two hours, 
                     3) Slap on a broad-brimmed hat, 
                     4) Seek shade, 
                     5) Slide on wrap-around sunglasses.

Check and Protect

It is important for all Australians or visitors to Australia, to look and listen for UV Index levels in local weather forecasts.


You should use a combination of sun protection measures to keep you safe from UV radiation - never rely on just one.

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