Notes on the Weather for Victoria

Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology

Notes on the Weather
Issued at 4:36 pm EDT on Thursday 23 March 2017.

Recent Events
Showers and drizzle resluted in rainfall totals being recorded in the 24 hours
to 9am this morning across the east and southern central parts of the State.
The highest rainfall totals were through Gippsland where 40mm was recorded at
Reeves Knob, followed by 36mm at Mt Moornapa and 33mm at The Gorge at
Glenmaggie Creek. Elsewhere, rainfall totals were largely less than 5mm.

Minima were generally 1 to 4 degrees above the March average and mostly ranged
between 13 and 17 degrees. The lowest minimum recorded was 6 degrees at Mt
Hotham while in contrast Albury and Wangaratta only fell to 19 degrees.

Cloud lingered across the far east of the State today while elsewhere in the
south cloud cleared during the afternoon. It was sunny across the northwest of
the State. Winds were light to moderate southeasterly.

There were isolated showers across the east that gradually contracted eastwards
during the afternoon. There was a highly localised area of rain that resulted
in the highest rainfall totals in the 7 hours to 4pm this afternoon which were;
27mm at Strathbogie, 25mm at Mt Elizabeth and 15mm at Harris Lane. Most totals
elsewhere in the east were less than 5mm.

In the far east of the state where cloudy conditions remained, maximum
temperatures were 3 to 6 degrees below the March average, while elsewhere
maxima were within a degree or two of average. Most maxima were between 20 and
27 degrees. The highest maximum was 31 degrees at sunny Mildura, followed by 30
degrees at Charlton, while the lowest was 9 degrees at Falls Creek and Mt

Melbourne's temperature rose from a minimum of 16.2 degrees at 5:21am to a
maximum of 25.1 degrees at 03:21pm. The city gauge didn't record any rainfall
in the 31 hours to 4pm this afternoon.

Explanatory Notes
A low pressure system lies over the Tasman Sea while a high pressure system
lies just southwest of Tasmania. Both systems will move slowly eastwards on
Friday. On Saturday, a weak trough of low pressure will move across Victoria
then a cold front will move into the Bight later Sunday. The cold front is
expected to cross Victoria on Monday.