Notes on the Weather for Victoria

Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology

Notes on the Weather
Issued at 4:33 pm EST on Sunday 24 May 2015.

Recent Events
Conditions were fine across Victoria in the 24 hours to 9am today apart from
morning fogs. The limited registrations in gauges around the State were likely
caused by accumulations of dew and fog with a similar situation prevailing in
the 6 hours to 3pm.

Overnight temperatures were generally between 3 and 9 degrees below average
across the State apart from the alps where a pronounced temperature inversion
kept them slightly above average for May. Most recordings ranged between -1 and
7 degrees. The lowest temperature recorded overnight was -6 at Omeo. Also
notable were Strathbogie with -4 degrees and Ballarat, Mount Hotham, Rutherglen
and Wangaratta with -3 degrees. Gabo Island was mildest overnight, recording a
minimum of 11 degrees.

Morning frost and fog patches gave way to a fine day. Areas of high cloud
spread across the State however most locations still saw plenty of sunshine.
Winds were mainly light northerly, however they were more variable in direction
in eastern Victoria and local sea breezes were observed in the afternoon about
parts of the eastern and central coast.

Maximum temperatures were mostly between 1 and 4 degrees below the May average
with most between 12 and 17 degrees. The main exception were the higher ranges
where the strong temperature inversion saw values between 4 and 6 above normal.
The highest maximum recorded to 4pm was 19 degrees at Mildura. The lowest was 9
degrees at Mt William.

In Melbourne the temperature ranged from a minimum of 6.0 degrees at 7:32am to
a maximum of 15.6 degrees at 1:55pm. There was no rainfall recorded in the city
gauge in the 30 hours to 3pm today. Fog patches were observed in some suburbs
this morning including at Tullamarine airport.

Explanatory Notes
A large high pressure system over eastern New South Wales will move little in
the first half of the week, directing mainly light northerly winds across
Victoria. Areas of high and mid level cloud will stream over the State from a
disturbance in the eastern Indian Ocean, however only light shower activity is
possible in the west of the State up to Tuesday night. Morning fog and frost
patches are likely during this period.

From Wednesday onwards cloud will thicken over the State with rain becoming
more widespread beyond midweek. Mild north to northwest winds will freshen
ahead of an approaching cold front. The front will cross the State Friday
morning, introducing colder southwest winds. Rain will tend to showers
following the front with snowfalls developing about the alps. Showers will
continue in southern and mountain districts next weekend in northwest to
southwest flow with another cold front likely to reach southwestern Victoria
late Sunday.