Notes on the Weather for Victoria

Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology

Notes on the Weather
Issued at 4:40 pm EST on Friday 4 September 2015.

Recent Events
There were isolated showers over southern and mountain areas during Thursday -
more widespread in far east Gippsland where isolated thunderstorms also
occurred. Rainfall totals in the 24 hours to 9am this morning were mainly 5mm
or less and typically confined to the southwest and far east. The highest
reported was 40mm at Combienbar, followed by 36mm at Chandlers Creek, 35mm at
Mt Nowa Nowa, 31mm at Club Terrace, 30mm at Bonang, 27mm at Basin Creek and
25mm at Cann River.

Overnight minimum temperatures were mostly 1 to 4 degrees below average, and
generally ranged from 7 to 10 degrees near the coast to 1 to 5 degrees inland.
The lowest reported was -4 degrees at Mt Baw Baw, while away from the Alps the
lowest was 0 degrees at Corryong, Castlemaine, Lake Eildon and Redesdale.

Today was mostly cloudy in the south and generally sunny in the north. Winds
were light to moderate southwest to southerly. There were isolated showers near
the coast, but no significant rainfall was recorded in the 6 hours to 3pm this

Maximum temperatures were close to average in the northeast and generally 1 to
4 degrees below average elsewhere in the south, mostly ranging from 11 to 15
degrees. The highest reported was 17 degrees at Albury and Rutherglen.

In Melbourne the temperature ranged from a minimum of 8.7 degrees at 6:08am to
a maximum of 13.7 degrees at 2:22pm. There was no rainfall recorded in the 30
hours to 3pm this afternoon.

Explanatory Notes
A low pressure system lies over the Tasman Sea while a high pressure system
over the Bight extends a ridge across Tasmania. The high will move across
Victoria and Tasmania during Saturday and over the Tasman Sea on Sunday as a
cold front approaches Victoria from the west. The front is expected to move
into western Victoria later on Sunday, reaching the far east of the State early
on Monday as the associated low moves across Tasmania. A new high will have
established itself in the Bight on Tuesday as the cold front moves eastwards
across the Tasman Sea.