Notes on the Weather for Victoria

Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology

Notes on the Weather
Issued at 4:30 pm EST on Friday 17 August 2018.

Recent Events
Some very isolated showers crossed over the State Thursday, with the majority
of the shower activity along the coast. Balook in South Gippsland recorded the
largest falls with 4.2mm in the 24 hours to 9am, there are some higher recorded
totals along the ranges however they appear to be effected by snow melt from
recent falls.

Minimum temperatures were mostly a couple of degrees cooler than the August
average across the State overnight. Most minima were between 1 and 7 degrees.
The lowest minimum last night was -5 degrees in the Alps at Falls Creek and Mt
Hotham. By contrast the mildest locations overnight were at Wilsons Prom where
the temperature fall no lower than 10 degrees.

Some very Isolated fog and mist patches were observed north of the Dividing
Ranges. A few light showers where seen on the radar this morning near the north
east ranges but very few reports of rain on the ground. The approaching cold
front has seen some thunderstorms off the coast near Portland this afternoon
but no rain in any gauges as of yet. Rainfall totals in the 6 hours to 3pm were
mostly less than 1mm and generally restricted to the ranges. The highest totals
were High Ridge with 5mm and Mount Buffalo Chalet with 4mm - however these may
have been augmented by melting snow.

Maximum temperatures around Victoria were mostly equal to the August average.
The exceptions to this were the north east ranges where readings were 2 to 4
degrees below the average. Most maxima ranged between 11 and 16 degrees. The
warmest locations today were Mildura, Walpeup, Bairnsdale, East Sale and
Mallacoota with 18 degrees. At the other end of the spectrum were Falls Creek
and Mount Hotham with just -2 degrees for a maximum.

Melbourne's temperature ranged from a minimum of 7.7 degrees at 4:30am this
morning to a maximum of 15.9 degrees at 1:35pm. The city gauge recorded no
rainfall in the 24 hours to 9am today. No further rain was observed in the 6
hours to 3pm today.

Explanatory Notes
A cold front approaching from the west will reach far southwest Victoria later
today and will cross remaining districts Friday night and early Saturday. A
cold and unstable westerly airflow will follow the front on Saturday, then
winds will tend southwesterly on Sunday as a large high pressure system moves
over the Bight. The high will drift over inland South Australia on Monday as a
deep low pressure system passes well south of Tasmania.