Notes on the Weather for Victoria

Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology

Notes on the Weather
Issued at 4:37 pm EST on Thursday 18 August 2022.

Recent Events
Showers began to develop in the west of the State during Wednesday afternoon
and extended Statewide. In the 24 hours until 9am Thursday rainfall totals were
generally 2 to 6mm with isolated totals about the highest peaks of the
northeast ranges, which are likely largely snow melt, and generally less than
2mm in the northwest. The highest recorded rainfall totals included 17.4mm at
High Ridge, 15.2mm at Skipton and 10.8mm at both Mt Hotham and Mt Buller.
Damaging wind gusts were recorded over the elevated areas across the State as
well as the northern suburbs of Melbourne overnight including 96km/h at
Melbourne Airport, and 94km/h at both Mt Hotham and Mt William.

Minimum temperatures were generally between 3 and 6 degrees above the August
average last night. In most parts, temperatures dropped to between 6 and 9
degrees. The lowest temperature recorded was -2 degrees at Mt Hotham. The
highest overnight minimum was 14 degrees at Mildura.

Showers continued to develop across the State during Thursday with generally 2
to 6mm recorded in the 7 hours since 9am Thursday, although mostly dry in the
far northwest and East Gippsland. The highest rainfall totals recorded in the 7
hours since 9am Thursday include 13mm at Cressy and Boonah as well as 10mm at
Ricketts Marsh.

Maximum temperatures were generally within a degree of the August average. Most
areas reached between 12 and 15 degrees. The highest maximum was 18 degrees at
Mildura, while the lowest was 1 degree at Mt Hotham.

Melbourne's temperature ranged from a minimum of 12.2 degrees at 8:40pm
Wednesday to a maximum of 15.2 degrees at 2:11pm Thursday. There was 1.2mm of
rainfall recorded in the 24 hours to 9am this morning, with no further rainfall
in the 7 hours since.

Explanatory Notes
A cold front over western Victoria will cross the State overnight, bringing a
cold and unstable westerly airstream during Friday. Another cold front will
cross on Saturday morning, with a high over South Australia expected to extend
a ridge across western Victoria later on Saturday. The high should move
eastward on Sunday as another front builds over the Bight, which is expected to
cross Victoria on Monday afternoon.