Notes on the Weather for Victoria

Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology

Notes on the Weather
Issued at 4:49 pm EDT on Saturday 25 October 2014.

Recent Events
Rainfall over Victoria in the 24 hours to 9am this morning was confined to
Gippsland and adjacents parts of the Central district, as well as the Otway
ranges, with only isolated showers and drizzle during this morning. The highest
reported total of 1mm occurred at a number of sites.

Overnight temperatures were significantly milder than normal, tending 3-6
degrees above October averages across most of the State. The coldest recorded
minimum was 6 degrees at Omeo. At the other extreme, Mildura recorded a minimum
of 18 degrees.

There were fog patches and cloud in southern Victoria during the morning as a
weak cold front passing through Bass Strait brought isolated showers and
drizzle, mainly to Gippsland. The showers cleared and cloud began to break up
later in the morning though some coastal areas remained overcast. Winds tended
to be light to moderate SE to SW'ly across most of the State, though tending
NW'ly in the Alps.

Isolated thunderstorms developed near the NSW border in the Northeast district
during the afternoon, plus inland parts of east Gippsland as a surface trough
pushed eastward from central Victoria. Up to 4pm there was no significant
rainfall recorded today. Over the northwest it remained dry and mostly sunny.

Daytime temperatures in the State's north were significantly (10-12 degrees)
above the October average and ranged from 31-34 degrees. In southern districts
onshore winds and cloud cover saw maximum temperatures dropping to 16-19
degrees near the coast, rising to 20-22 degrees inland. Tempeartures in these
areas were generally close to the Ocrtober average, but fell to 2-4 degrees
below normal in parts of east Gippsland.

The State's highest recorded maximum was 35 degrees at several centres in the
north, including Mildura, Swan Hill and Yarrawonga. The coolest maximum of 14
degrees was at Mount Nowa Nowa in east Gippsland.

In Melbourne the temperature ranged from a minimum of 14.6 degrees at 2:51am to
a maximum of 20.3 degrees at 3:57pm. No rain was recorded in the city gauge in
the 30 hours to 3pm today, though some suburubs recorded light drizzle

Explanatory Notes
A high pressure system will pass across Tasmania overnight, reaching the
southern Tasman Sea by Sunday morning. A cold front approaching from the west
will reach western Victoria at night and will cross the remainder of the State
Monday morning. Another cold front will move through Bass Strait on Tuesday as
a high pressure system crosses waters south of the Bight. The high will weaken
as it move across Victoria on Wednesday.