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Forecast issued at 4:35 pm EDT on Thursday 17 October 2019.

Weather Situation

A cold and unstable west to southwesterly airstream will clear to the east tonight as a weak high pressure ridge develops over Victoria. A cold front will reach western Victoria on Friday afternoon and central districts at night. This front will move away to the east on Saturday as a high pressure system develops over the Bight, with the high slowly moving towards Victoria on Sunday and Monday.

Forecast for the rest of Thursday

Showers over southern and eastern parts, becoming isolated and contracting to Gippsland tonight. Isolated thunderstorms and small hail over the east until early evening. Snow level lifting to 1500 metres tonight. Dry and over the northwest with areas of raised dust until early evening. Cloud clearing over the north but remaining partly cloudy in the south. Fresh to strong and gusty west to southwesterly winds easing tonight.

Friday 18 October

Scattered showers developing in the southwest in the middle of the day, extending across remaining southern parts during the afternoon then becoming isolated at night. Remaining dry across east Gippsland. Morning fog and frost patches in the northeast, otherwise dry and mostly sunny in the north. Areas of raised dust across the northwest in the afternoon. A mild to warm day with strengthening northwesterly winds ahead of a cooler westerly change extending from the west during the afternoon and evening.

Fire Danger - Generally high, very high over the northwest.

Saturday 19 October

Scattered showers over southern and mountain areas, becoming isolated in the evening. Isolated thunderstorms and small hail across the south, clearing to the east at night. Snow level lowering to 1000 metres during the morning. Dry and mostly cloudy across the north. A cool to cold day with moderate to fresh westerly winds, strong at times about the coast.

Sunday 20 October

Partly cloudy with isolated showers over southern and mountain areas. Dry and sunny across the north. A cool day with moderate west to southwesterly winds, fresh at times about the coast.

Monday 21 October

Partly cloudy across the south with isolated morning showers over west Gippsland. Dry and sunny across the north. A mild day, warm across the northwest, with light to moderate south to southwesterly winds.

The next routine forecast will be issued at 5:00 am EDT Friday.

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