Broome Meteorological Office History

Field Office photo - old building

Broome Meteorological Office

Whilst regular weather observations have been made in Broome at the old Post Office site in town since 1889, it was not until 1939 that staff dedicated to weather observations were stationed in the town. The first observation, by Mr. Alf Millwood, was made on 9 February 1939. For a short while the observing site at the Post Office was retained, but in 1941 the new Officer in Charge, Mr Fred Rose and his wife, moved into a new house on the corner of Herbert and Louis Streets. This house had an office attached to it on one side.

Following the Second World War the office was transferred to an Aeradio building at the Airfield. This office was retained until a new building was constructed on the opposite side of the airfield and first occupied on 2 March 1965.

This office in turn continued in use until a replacement office to meet the changing needs of technology was constructed and occupied on 27 October 2008.

This new office was officially commissioned by A/DDR Dr Sue Barrell on 16 Feb 2009.