Tropical Cyclone Outlook for the Western Region


Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology
Western Australia

Tropical Cyclone Outlook for the Western Region

Issued at 2:00 pm WST on Monday 17 January 2022
for the period until midnight WST Thursday 20 January 2022.

Existing Cyclones in the Western Region:


Potential Cyclones:

A strengthening monsoon later in the week may lead to the formation of a tropical low in the Timor Sea. If a tropical low does form, it is likely to move southwest over the weekend with only limited potential to develop further.

Likelihood of a tropical cyclone in the Western Region on:

Very Low
Very Low
Very Low

NOTES: The likelihood is an estimate of the chance of each system being a tropical cyclone in the Region for each day.
Very Low:
less than 5%
5% to 20%
20 to 50%
Over 50%

The Western Region refers to the Indian Ocean between Longitudes 90-125E and south of 10S.

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