Tropical Cyclone Outlook for the Western Region

Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology
Western Australia

Tropical Cyclone Outlook for the Western Region
Issued at 2:07 pm WST on Friday 30 January 2015
for the period until midnight WST Monday 2 February 2015.

Existing Cyclones in the  Western Region:


Potential Cyclones:  

Severe Tropical Cyclone Eunice in the central Indian Ocean is expected to track
eastwards over coming days and may cross 90E near 25S and move into the Western
Region late on Monday or on Tuesday. It will be weakening as it moves into the
region. This system is responsible for the Moderate rating for Monday.

Tropical Cyclone Diamondra, also in the central Indian Ocean, is weakening as
it moves southeastwards towards the Western Region. It is forecast to be below
tropical cyclone intensity well before crossing 90E near 30S on Sunday.

There are no other significant tropical systems in the Western Region.

Likelihood of a tropical cyclone in the Western Region on:
Saturday        Very Low   
Sunday          Very Low   
Monday          Moderate   


NOTES: The likelihood is an estimate of the chance of each system being a
tropical cyclone in the Region for each day.
Very Low:     less than 5%                 Moderate:     20 to 50%
Low:          5% to 20%                    High:         over  50%

The Western Region refers to the Indian Ocean between Longitudes 90-125E and
south of 10S.