Tropical Cyclone Outlook for the Western Region


Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology
Western Australia

Tropical Cyclone Outlook for the Western Region

Issued at 2:00 pm WST on Monday 25 July 2016
for the period until midnight WST Thursday 28 July 2016.

Existing Cyclones in the Western Region:


Potential Cyclones:

A weak low pressure system lies near 10S 093E. The low is expected to remain stationary and slowly weaken over the next couple of days.

There are no other significant lows in the Western Region at present and none are expected to develop over the next three days.

Likelihood of a tropical cyclone being in the Western Region on:

Very Low
Very Low
Very Low

NOTES: The likelihood is an estimate of the chance of each system being a tropical cyclone in the Region for each day.
Very Low:
less than 5%
5% to 20%
20 to 50%
Over 50%

The Western Region refers to the Indian Ocean between Longitudes 90-125E and south of 10S.

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