Western Australia Forecast

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Forecast issued at 4:30 pm WST on Wednesday 30 July 2014.

Weather Situation

Northern Western Australia

A ridge of high pressure lies through central parts of the State.

Southern and Central Western Australia

A weak cold front will move through southern parts of the South West Land Division late Wednesday and early Thursday. A high pressure system will move over the southwest corner of the State behind the front during Thursday and into the Bight on Friday. A weak cold front will affect southern parts on Saturday, with a new ridge of high pressure developing in its wake on Sunday.

Forecast for the rest of Wednesday

Showers southwest of a line from Jurien Bay to Israelite Bay.

Thursday 31 July

Showers in southern parts of the South West Land Division, contracting to the Eucla coast by the afternoon. In coastal parts of the Central West and the adjacent Lower West, showers clearing before sunrise.

Friday 1 August

Morning showers near the eastern Southeast Coastal district. Isolated showers about the Eucla coast. Isolated late showers developing about the SW Capes.

Saturday 2 August

Showers southwest of a line from Perth to Bremer Bay, contracting to southeastern coastal parts in the afternoon.

Sunday 3 August

Isolated showers about the coastal Eucla and adjacent Southeast Coastal district.

The next routine forecast will be issued at 4:45 am WST Thursday.

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