Improving water information

Lake Argyle on the Ord River, Western Australia

National Water Account 2013

The National Water Account contains water accounting reports for nine nationally significant regions. It provides information on water stores and flows, water rights and water use.
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Sweet corn crop under irrigation from a centre pivotat at Mulgowie Farming Company, near Home Hill in North Queensland, Australia. Copyright: Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities

Water market information

Find out about the Australian water market and related information published by the Bureau.
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Larnebarramul Swamp, Victoria. By Alison Pouliot

Australian Water Resources Assessment 2012

The Australian Water Resources Assessment 2012 report provides detailed information about the state of Australia’s water resources and climate drivers for 2011–12.
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trigger nozzle hose

Water Restrictions

Find out the current water restrictions across Australia, including what you can and cannot do.

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Water storage

Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems Atlas

The Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems Atlas is the most comprehensive inventory of the location and characteristics of groundwater dependent ecosystems for Australia.
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