Improving water information

7-day streamflow forecasts

7-day streamflow forecasts

Forecasts of likely streamflow conditions for the next seven days at selected locations. Updated daily.

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Monthly Water Update

Monthly Water Update

An overview of recent rainfall patterns and streamflow across Australia in comparison to long-term records.

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Water flowing over the rim of a fountain

Climate Resilient Water Sources

Alternatives to surface water sources are important to water security in Australia. Climate Resilient Water Sources provides information on two such sources – recycled and desalinated water – across Australia.

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Lake Argyle on the Ord River, Western Australia

National Water Account 2014

The National Water Account contains water accounting reports for nine nationally significant regions. It provides information on water stores and flows, water rights and water use.
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Water storage

Australian Groundwater Explorer

Get access to a wide range of groundwater data, including around 800 000 bore locations, bore logs and landscape characteristics.
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