Design Rainfall Revision

Current estimates of design rainfall over Australia are based on Australian Rainfall and Runoff published originally in 1987 and re-published in a modified form in 1997. The current estimates of design rainfall are based on data available up to 1983. Since then the availability of additional rainfall data as well as the development of new techniques in frequency analysis has rendered a revision of design rainfall estimates more compelling.

In June 2008, the Federal Department of Climate Change announced $2 million of funding towards the first stage in updating Australian Rainfall and Runoff. The project is expected to span four years and to be carried out in three stages. Engineers Australia has agreed to provide in kind contribution to the value of $1.235 million.

Stage 1 of the Australian Rainfall and Runoff Revision of Design Rainfall Estimates is currently under way.

The pilot study revision of estimates of design rainfall over southeast Queensland/northeast New South Wales is now complete.

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