Australian Water Resources Assessment 2012

The Australian Water Resources Assessment 2012 provides information about the state of Australia’s water resources and climatic conditions. It identifies trends in water resources availability and patterns of water use over seasons, years and decades.

Key findings of the 2012 Assessment are presented as a Summary report.

Summary report (high resolution)(22.8Mb)
Summary report (low resolution)(5.2Mb)

You can download the full assessment:

2012 Assessment (26.1Mb)

Or separately as follows.


This chapter introduces the 2012 Assessment. It provides information on:

  • the background to the 2012 Assessment
  • the scope and purpose of the report
  • the approach and methods used in the 2012 Assessment
  • quality control and review
  • terminology used
  • future Australian Water Resources Assessment reports.

Introduction (high resolution)(9.71Mb)
Introduction (low resolution)(1.4Mb)

National overview

This chapter provides a national scale assessment of climate and landscape water flows and stores
in 2011–12. It reports on:

  • modelled landscape water balance outputs including precipitation, evapotranspiration and landscape water yield
  • Australian climate drivers and their impact on precipitation
  • changes in the volume of water in major storages and modelled soil moisture
  • national urban and agricultural water use and supply
  • nationally significant precipitation and flood events experienced during the year.

National Overview 2011–12 (high resolution)(19.3Mb)
National Overview 2011–12 (low resolution)(3.2Mb)
National Overview 2011–12 data and metadata (53.5MB)

Analysis by region

Trends in water availability and water use are assessed in 13 regions based on Australian drainage division boundaries. Analyses include:

  • impacts of climatic conditions on water resources in 2011–12 and throughout the period between 1980 and 2012.
  • regional analyses providing more detail at particular locations
  • detailed information on water availability, supply and use.

Browse the analyses by region.

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