Standard charges

Charges for our standard products are listed below. Discounts may apply for requests for more than one location or for more than one run for each product. Contact us for more details.

We also carry out studies that require statistical analysis of climate data for applications sensitive to weather and climate conditions, such as agriculture, infrastructure design, engineering and sporting activities. Contact us for more details.

Charges for our standard products
Product Price (AUD incl GST)
Gridded AR&R 87 IFDs  2,255
GSAM Seasonal Estimates Report 2,620
GSAM Moisture Update Report 1,930
GSAM Moisture Update and Seasonal Estimates 3,310
GSDM Report 2,080
GSAM/GTSMR Report 10,950
West Coast of Tasmania PMP Report 42,860
Overseas PMP Report from 93,000


Prices are valid until 30 June 2015 and subject to change after that date

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