Monthly Water Update

small map representing the district Carpentaria Coast

Carpentaria Coast

February 2020 Summary

Rainfall was average or higher than average across 83 per cent of the area, but small areas in the northwest of the drainage division remain well below average. Total rainfall for February was 200 mm, five per cent higher than the long-term mean of 190 mm for February.

Streamflows were average or higher than average for 81 per cent of the sites. Lower than average flows dominated in the north and higher flows in the south.However, none of the sites in the west reported this month.

Median streamflow salinity (electrical conductivity) varied between sites from 45 to 659 μS/cm. Water quality at half of the reporting streamflow sites was high quality and half was fresh.

During February, the total storage volume decreased by four per cent but remains close to full total accessible capacity. By the end of the month, the volume of water stored was 99 per cent of the total accessible capacity, similar to that in February 2019.

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map visualising rainfall details


map visualising streamflow details

Streamflow salinity

map visualising salinity details

Water storages

map visualising storage details


map visualising rainfall details for Carpentaria Coast

Rainfall statistics

Rainfall decile group Percentage of area
Highest on record since 1900 0%
Very much above average 9%
Above average 13%
Average 61%
Below average 15%
Very much below average 2%
Lowest on record since 1900 Less than 1%

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