Monthly Water Update

small map representing the district South West Coast

South West Coast

September 2017 Summary

Rainfall was average or higher than average across 98% of the area. Mean rainfall was 45 mm, 15% higher than the 1900 to 2016 mean of 39 mm for September.

Streamflows were average or lower than average for 86% of the sites, spread throughout the drainage division. Kalgan River at Stevens farm had the highest streamflow for September since 1980 due to high rainfall.

Median streamflow salinities varied between 154 and 35517 microSiemens/cm. Streamflows were high quality or fresh for 24% of the sites. Coblinine River - Bibikin Road Bridge had the highest salinity of all sites.

During September, storage volumes increased in three systems and remained stable in two. By the end of the month, the volume of water stored was 48% of the total accessible capacity, an increase of 11% from the previous year.

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map visualising rainfall details


map visualising streamflow details

Streamflow salinity

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Water storages

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map visualising rainfall details for South West Coast

Rainfall statistics

Rainfall decile group Percentage of area
Highest on record since 1900 Less than 1%
Very much above average 9%
Above average 36%
Average 53%
Below average 2%
Very much below average 0%
Lowest on record since 1900 0%

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