Monthly Water Update

small map representing the district South West Coast

South West Coast

July 2018 Summary

Rainfall was average or higher than average across 81 per cent of the area, spread throughout the area. However, for the southeast part of the area had below average rainfall. Mean rainfall was close (68 mm) to the long-term mean for July.

Streamflow conditions followed the distribution of the rainfall pattern and was low in the southern part of the region.

Median streamflow salinity (electrical conductivity) continued to show a large variability between the sites 287 and 27617 μS/cm. Average stream salinity decreased slightly across the monitorings sites within the region.

During July, total volumes in all storage systems increased. By the end of the month, the volume of water stored was 47 per cent of the total accessible capacity, an increase of 12 per cent from the same time last year.

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map visualising rainfall details


map visualising streamflow details

Streamflow salinity

map visualising salinity details

Water storages

map visualising storage details


map visualising rainfall details for South West Coast

Rainfall statistics

Rainfall decile group Percentage of area
Highest on record since 1900 0%
Very much above average Less than 1%
Above average 17%
Average 64%
Below average 17%
Very much below average 2%
Lowest on record since 1900 0%

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