Monthly Water Update

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September 2019 Summary

Rainfall was lower than average across 64 per cent of the area mainly in the centre and west with higher than average rainfall occurring along the east coast. Mean rainfall was 102 mm, 24 per cent lower than the long-term mean of 134 mm for September.

Streamflows were lower than average for 62 per cent of the sites, spread throughout the drainage division. Arm River - Above Mersey had the lowest streamflow for September since 1980.

Median streamflow salinity (electrical conductivity) was fresh for all the five sites, varying between sites from 48 to 148 μS/cm.

During September, the total accessible volume decreased in the Hobart system, but remained stable in the Lake Margaret system. By the end of the month, the total volume of water stored was 94 per cent of the total accessible capacity, a decrease of four per cent from the previous year.

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Streamflow salinity

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Water storages

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map visualising rainfall details for Tasmania

Rainfall statistics

Rainfall decile group Percentage of area
Highest on record since 1900 0%
Very much above average 3%
Above average 6%
Average 27%
Below average 63%
Very much below average 1%
Lowest on record since 1900 0%

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