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  1. 00:00 - Introduction to the Geofabric V2.0 and the Geofabric web page
  2. 10:35 - Overview of the Geofabric V2.0 product relationships
  3. 15:35 - Download Geofabric Geodatabase files from the Geofabric ftp site 
  4. 21:15 - Merging the Geofabric Surface Hydrology products and using relationship classes
  5. 42:35 - Stream tracing and how to calculate statistics for an identified catchment 

This webinar was recorded in April 2012. The delivery dates mentioned in the video at five minutes and 40 seconds are now out-of-date. For updated release information please visit the Geofabric website.


Elizabeth McDonald, Geofabric Project Manager, Bureau of Meteorology
Malcolm Parnell, GIS Specialist, Bureau of Meteorology 

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