Four National Water Account 2012 regions released

The release of the annual National Water Account, Australia’s most comprehensive water information resource, has just begun. The first round of reports for the Canberra, Ord, Perth and Sydney regions is now available from the Bureau’s website.

New regional summaries have been added to the 2012 Account to provide a snapshot of each region, including its climate, surface water storage, urban water supply and irrigation supply for the year.

The Daly region in the Northern Territory is a new addition. It is an area under considerable developmental pressure whilst having significant environmental and cultural water values.

The Melbourne and South East Queensland reports will become available in mid-August and the Adelaide, Daly and Murray–Darling Basin regions will follow in mid-September.

The National Water Account provides a picture of water resources management for the previous financial year for a selection of nationally-significant water use regions across Australia.

The 2012 Account marks the third National Water Account published by the Bureau under the Water Act 2007 and is prepared in partnership with over
35 collaborators, including State and Territory government agencies, water utilities and other water agencies.