Amendments proposed for Water Regulations

The Bureau is proposing a range of changes to Part 7 of the Water Regulations 2008 (Water Information). After collecting required data from named persons (organisations) for the past two years, the Bureau has identified areas where the regulations can be improved to enhance the quality and utility of water information.

In some cases, the amendments will enable data providers to more easily comply with their data supply obligations. In others the changes are necessary for the Bureau to better manage the complex array of information it receives.

The Bureau aims to amend the Regulations in the first half of 2011. It will consult affected organisations about the proposed amendments, providing time for feedback. It will also ensure there is sufficient time for data providers to adjust to the new requirements before they take effect. Following the consultation process, the Bureau will provide drafting advice to the Office of Legislative Drafting and Publishing which will undertake the final drafting of the amendments.